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  1. Monday Preview - The Commander

    If you never have more than two at a time: name them all Jankowski and Santiago (recurring red shirt names from horror-shooter games FEAR and Gears of War respectively).
  2. Monday Preview - The Commander

    I approve of this notion. Half the fun is naming the lobsters and waving back at them as they go into the pot! Then you can put their method of dying as a title on them. For instance, Frankie the Drowned had a far more gentle fate than Alex the Eaten-while-still-Alive.
  3. The Nightmare Box

    Since it would be the master box: Ice Golem can be Krampus' sleigh.. the Ice Gamin as frozen evil elves, the Wendigo as a carnivorous toy.. then Raspy would be "little old toymaker" with her avatar being more like the full sinister being.. Of course, I'm thinking about this before having coffee...
  4. M2e Kaeris

    @spikes a head's up from a Mei Feng/Foundry player: There's a Foundry upgrade called Hard worker that lets Foundry models pitch a card as a (0) to ignore Armor and Hard to Wound with all of their attacks. Mei Feng has no competing (0) actions. You didn't run into it here, but it's something to be aware of when you're thinking about dropping Carlos into suspected Foundry crew.
  5. Kaeris in Wave 5

    Reread Nemesis Ward. It doesn't give you the bonus tome always, only when using the (1) attack action (refers to Elemental Bolt by name). For the (0) execution, you'll still need a card tome in the attack duel.
  6. M2E Ironsides

    Largely what @retnab mentioned: Being able to bounce back is incredibly strong, especially when you draw a Neverborn opponent with Eliminate the Leadership. The Steamfittter is one of the models I didn't pick up from GenCon, so I didn't field anything like it. I instead was going with some bonkers-level control with Amina and Toni pulling things around and messing with conditions and triggers to isolate things and set things up for the Ironsides wrecking ball. Amina even got me one of the VP for Make Them Suffer (turned dude into Peon, then shot him to death with HPM). The healing trigger on the upgrade is nice, but it never came up due to Toni always being surrounded by enough stuff to spend stones on the Follow Up trigger to turn 1AP (Ml 7) into several more attacks (when you're camping a half dozen+ Adrenaline, that uppercut is Ml 8 even when fired as a trigger, which chains nicely into another straight punch with the Brass Knuckles). I had the choice to stop attacking and cash in on a heal (especially on the upper cut), but I get more work out of continuously attacking for 1 AP, then using her remaining AP to "You Lookin' At Me?" more stuff into her.
  7. M2E Ironsides

    Note: I had both Wave 5 upgrades and the Iron Determination upgrade. This allowed me to build up a considerable amount of Adrenaline, and the one occasion that my opponent got Toni down to Hard To Kill, she activated next, used the ID upgrade's (0) and dumped all 13 Adrenaline that had built up as a result of being crowded and fighting. So while he got partial credit on Eliminate the Leadership, he found himself facing a fully refreshed and ready to rock-and-roll Ironsides. Veteran Fighter and Union President have really dialed up her ability to switch from a controller to a beater mid-game.
  8. M2E Ironsides

    I ran Toni into a Lilith crew at a GG18 Beta tournament a few weeks back. Fortunately not only was Public Execution in the pool, so was Make Them Suffer--because Toni killed everything that went near her, including upper-cutting Lilith off the table. My opponent had made some mistakes early on, such as dividing his forces at deployment; terrain made it hard for his stuff to flex around and respond to my using a refused flank (I deployed second). This made it easier for me to inflict initial damage and get models into position for the Turn 2 "time to score on Strategy and Scheme with the same AP, all while locking down half the crew!"
  9. Counter-spelling for non-magical characters?

    You gain access to abilities that provide TN modification (such as adding necessary suit to the cast) when advancing the pursuit, magic-related benefits while on the pursuit, and have a grimoire at creation if you create as a spell-slinging pursuit. (ninja'd by @Creepy)
  10. New FateMaster - Frustrations

    Fudging/changing stats has a couple of thoughts from me: You're the FM, it's your game. What you decide the stats are, they are. If your group has one or more rules lawyers who are looking up bestiary information and trying to contradict you, refer to the first sentence. It's easier to defend this stance if the stats are modified before the game starts, and you've got an opportunity to draft story-based reasons that will placate the rules lawyers without having to pull the FM card. If you're improvising and changing stats in the middle of the game session it's a little harder to defend because you're improvising. Prepare a cheat sheet ahead of time for why it is NPC X might have a different set of skills and traits than their template--it helps you remember what their motivators are as well as providing other story bits that flesh it out. Malifaux is a strange place, and people find themselves with latent powers and other oddities. Earthside scholars who studied under Marcus would not recognize the man he is now. If the only stat you're changing is their Rank value, that modifies all TNs the Fated have to meet. It's a difficulty setting. Similarly, if you're adjusting the NPC's Station, it changes how they can affect a challenge without changing any other information (Enforcers can modify two flips in an Encounter, where Minions can only do one without needing to use tactical actions). These are easy changes that require no real justification (other than adjusting difficulty). Be internally consistent if you're modifying how things work/interact. Rules lawyers will be rules lawyers. That's how they end up generating negative play (and social) experiences. If you have one in the group, it's a good idea to preemptively handle them. It can be nice sometimes to have someone remind you of a mechanic or trick you can use (there's webcomics dedicated to this), but it can be derailing at the same time if they disrupt story flow to 'correct' the FM because there's stuff the FM fudged to make their story work. They'll have no traction with the rest of the group if you're being consistent as the FM and the story sessions are interesting and enjoyable. The consistency part is why I've isolated out some points above; notes from you to yourself guiding you on your liberties taken allow you to be consistent with those liberties.
  11. Dress Rehearsal - A Colette Guide for Stage Management

    That's why I don't rely on turn-wrapping. Some things to bear in mind with Arcanists is that we have an upgrade (Seize the Day) that significantly aids us when we're trying to take initiative. If you're turn-wrapping for ability triggering, it's an insurance policy. It's something to consider if you're looking to go more aggressive in Colette builds. So far I've had the ability to use it when otherwise being out-activated to screw up my opponent's plans because they had other things to worry about and things to set up. I stole their AP in the same turn that I used the (0) action. I get the most value out of it with an early-activating Colette, and I pick my targets carefully. I use the saber-wielding hound as an example because it requires set up by my opponent to prepare the hound in the first place, which potentially allows me an activation to get that effect up. It's not going to work out the same way every time, so for people who are looking for something that consistently works the same way every time? Sorry. You'll be disappointed. It's a finesse piece with a value that depends heavily on your opponent's crew composition. The only way your opponent can stop you from messing with their activation is to not leave any minions where Colette can get to them--which is actually harder than it looks, with her being able to place herself at a friendly marker 14" away. It's a disruptive control ability with no resistance. As such, it should be limited and have some kind of countering.
  12. Kaeris in Wave 5

    If I'm running Grab and Drop I like to bring things that eat scheme markers for effects, like Large Steam Arachnids. For snacking on a scheme marker (free, when meeting the G&D stuff) as a (0) action, they get dialed up.
  13. Fatemaster characters and suits

    Agreed. Minimal disruption required for campaign continuity and completion.
  14. Dress Rehearsal - A Colette Guide for Stage Management

    That flexibility is why I just roll my eyes at complaints about her being weak and useless. If you're going to single or dual master limited event, I would suggest putting in your stable because she empowers her whole crew in multiple ways and can do many hard to predict things on the table. Yes, there are things that she probably would like to avoid, like Executioners and other models that ignore/bypass Df/Wp triggers and defensive abilities. but that's something that Arcanists always have to watch for with their Wave 1&2 masters. Yes, she's not as flexible as Sandeep, who can play reliably well into all GG17 scenarios against most factions.. but that's a reflection on Sandeep, not her. And finally: yes, recent erratas have dialed down using her as an AP battery for a beater like Howard Langston and made other adjustments that affect her play, but that's why there's a thread for discussing how to use her in current scenario sets with current rules. Related: Wave 5 upgrades for her: I didn't get as much use out of the saber bump as I expected, but handing out slow was nice. The minion control actually came in super handy because it screws up scheme runners and can make hard-hitting minions a liability to their own crew. For instance, a saber-wielding hound being forced to 1AP charge a teammate due to proximity of scheme marker(s).
  15. The Nightmare Box

    Rasputina's twist on Krampus?