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  1. That's what I was debating, was whether or not I could justify the dual faction.. then I priced out the stuff that I would have been getting for my partner to paint, and it came out to slightly more than the different between single and dual commander. Hence the "you win" to @Aaron
  2. I could see calling it ablative plating, since it's a protective layer you expend to reduce severity of damage.
  3. I look at his Right Tools ability as an insurance policy. Flip the Red Joker on initiative? No problem. Draw it to hand. Otherwise, pay attention to what's going to the discard when early in the game and use him to retrieve the essential card. It might make the Spider Engine slower to start, but it helps with the "well, that's no longer in the deck" problem that I sometimes run into where I draw no high tomes, even with stones, and within the first couple of activations I see the 12 or 13 cycle to the discard.
  4. You win, I swapped my single commander order for a dual commander It'll contain most of the stuff I was looking at getting for her to paint anyway, so win-win!
  5. There's good news for you then. I don't know if you've heard of the titan commander yet or not, but check Horomatangi out. It's like having a nice open door to stumble through, and you can have a two commander Cult and two commander Horde crew that overlap on that angry dragon-like beastie.
  6. I see beautiful sculpts in general. I love the Abyssinia look/feel for the same reason I played certain armies in certain other game systems for over a decade (even when non-competitive by rule set): high tech, elite, line dudes to do one job, combined arms to do another, and apply the right tool at the right time for maximum effect. The dual faction commander might inspire me to look at King's Hand as an option, but I'll want to digest the rules before committing to that. The Gibbering Hordes approach to horde (as opposed to elite Abyssinia) is much more workable than other game systems, and the sculpts are beautiful. I like the mutated sea creature look much more than the Cult's body horror, and The Other Side of the week preview gives a nice clear picture of the Storm Siren and enough backstory where it's both amusing and intriguing (forces of the Tyrant "prime meridian" hitting London).
  7. The longer it stays open, the more tempted I am to bump to dual commander to complement the Abyssinia I ordered with Gibbering Hordes stuff. I swear it's deliberate
  8. Nice, I definitely appreciate The Other Side of the week preview (groan/rimshot) and the background fluff. It really gives me a sense of their place in things and something I can use to try and convince my partner that she wants to play the Gibbering Hordes.
  9. With what @DoomWarden said: getting the core rules cleaned up and streamlined will help a lot with trying to start a campaign. For me and some of the people I game with, the biggest obstacle to getting started is introducing the rules, and since most of us are not conversant in the TTB flow it's tricky to get someone who is also completely new read in. I'm looking forward to it on that idea alone: if I can get some people who've never tried to digest the rules to go through and build a character that they find compelling enough to make up a story for in less time than it takes to get a pizza delivered, I know the campaign is off to a good start. The sooner we get to our roles and card flips, the better.
  10. imgur is a free photosharing site. I use it for a lot of my hobby-related stuff.
  11. They can, but will they always want to? Starts planning terrain where all the GH models are taking advantage of their low clearance and general slinky-ness to get around to score. [edit] Wait, we're in the TTB channel.. no need to score. [...] their low clearance and general slinky-ness to become a real problem for the Fated.
  12. I see that this hasn't locked yet: With the clarification on the Rotund/Cursed Statue, I can definitely see use for this in a controlling/denial mode of play. As it stands right now, I could definitely see bringing it in a 10T Mei Feng crew as a point piece, but I would have to plan for it activating late in early turns so that supporting pushes can get it to where it can walk into where it needs to be.
  13. and that ^ is why when you talk to non-Arcanist groups about the Raptor all you hear is salt and rage. In the hands of someone who has enough experience to play a disruptive game and make use of the synergies of the crew, it does a lot. Add to it a single showgirl who can take at least one upgrade (Angelica, for instance) and the upgrade Practiced Production and it goes from being a tricky tool to use to your opponent being able to look at your crew and think: Leave Your Mark is in the pool, they have Angelica with PP and a Raptor. I can't hit buried things with this crew and nothing I have that's fast enough can afford to try and disrupt LYM if that bird pops up behind all this blocking severe/impassible terrain. They're up 3 VP from crew selection alone. Now what? Can I kill Angelica between turns 2-3 when she cannot be charged and will likely be in hard cover and defensive? Of course, if you have the spare stones and want to use Cassandra or Carlos as the PP carrier instead, that's a different animal with a similar song. Cassandra can put attacks on the negative and is nimble, and Carlos is both stupendously fast and surprisingly good at tanking. They can afford to play more forward than Angelica, and they ask different questions of you and your opponent. We have other models that work well as Practiced Production nodes, like the Soulstone Miner. It, however, is 6 stones, armored, and significant. It presents a very different kind of problem, but loses the mobility advantage after it unburies, or if the deployment is Close Deployment. It also doesn't do anything on the level that @dancater describes above in terms of disruption. You could possibly use things like Wind Gamin as well, as they're flying and walk 5 with a leap ability (and significant), but again, not to the level of mobility and disruption that you get for cheaper out of the Raptor. Though Wind Gamin get some salt as well because they're another model that does a whole lot more for its cost in the hands of an experienced player. Outside of Practiced Production and Leave Your Mark (or any other scheme that involves putting schemes in your opponent's deployment zone), Raptors also work incredibly well as Hunting Party defense. Typically when used for this, they're hired into a crew that's almost entirely enforcers and henchmen. As an example: With Hunting Party in the pool, everything in this crew except Ironsides and the Raptor can score on the scheme. Your opponent can only score if they kill the Raptor (or do some newer, more interesting tricks like using Amina Naidu to give people the Peon station before having them killed), so for you to defend against the scheme and deny them those points, you just have the Raptor take to the skies and pop up on a corner so far away from everything in the opposing crew that it's not worth trying to go after. If you put a crew like this together, an experienced opponent is probably not taking Hunting Party unless they can attack buried things (another thing that's becoming a little more common) or have reliable ways of changing your models' station. Something else to note is that they are on a 40mm base and can place anywhere on the table. Need a 30mm Web Marker covered? Need to stop someone from using a Corpse or Scrap Marker? Does one of your opponent's scary abilities require line of sight to a Scheme Marker? No problem. Camp on top of that marker and force your opponent to spend precious AP going after a 3 stone disruption piece. Your bird is doing what it was hired to do (disruption), and whatever is killing it is not (barring Hunting Party).
  14. Web markers: this has been the most effective approach I have. With a Mei Feng crew I'll put Kang (40mm) on top of one of them and think about getting Envy (50mm) or Blood Mage (Oxfordian w/ Blood Ward, 40mm) onto another, and use other elements of her crew to kill the Weaver. Thunderous smash uses up one of Mei Feng's upgrade slots, but if you know your opponent is going to be making use of those corpse markers, it might be worth it. Otherwise, try to charge things with the Emissary in such a way where it ends its charge move close enough to the markers in question.
  15. On top of the above, Raptors have some deck manipulation that can be extremely helpful, especially when used in conjunction with other models that we have. They are a relatively cheap way to peek at your own deck to cycle cards out or stack the deck, and if you need the beast trigger outside of Marcus crews (Blade and Claw in a Ramos crew, for instance), you can turn some of your stuff into beasts with just a scratch. I've also used them in Ironsides to scratch up models like Shastar Vidiya Guards and Amina Naidu to get the HPM bonus started in Turn 1. With the Shastar Vidiya Guards you also have the potential to not just stack the deck on the Rake The Eyes trigger on the Raptor, but also to draw the card you stacked to the top if you cheat your defense. I wouldn't necessarily try for this, as it requires cheating at least one (probably two, just to get the trigger) in order to draw the best of the top three cards of your deck after damaging.