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  1. Which master for this crew?

    It would definitely help learn the Beacon stuff in isolation.
  2. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Arcanists

    If the trigger isn't on damaging enemy only and you really need Big Blue, bring along someone else to smack? I need the cards to get here so that I can make sure that I've got all the context and nuance straight.
  3. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Arcanists

    You weren't winning games before? Oh dear.. you must not have a meta that gets its feelings hurt badly by antimagic/antishooting mojo. I definitely see the crew support aspect; the biggest weakness in Foundry models in general was always their relatively low walk stat. Now Kang and the Rail Workers can move at a good clip while working for her. As can Metal Gamin and the Rail Golem, which might help them get a little more table time. The Porkchop goes up to an astounding Walk if it started next to her, and if you're doing all the Gremlin Foundry shenanigans can get 21" of movement without charging. So that by itself is really nice. I like having workers that can go a bit further and do a bit more. I'm curious how it will go with the new Foundry Enforcer as well, especially with all the absurd potential that exists. A mask trigger to pull people along? I really like that. Again, related to the relatively low mobility of the Foundry and Armored Core approaches to running Mei Feng--but now with a little more amusement. An example of amusement that comes to mind: Emissary with her Conflux was already a great enabler for her own mobility. Now dial it up a notch. Instead of only having triggers to Railwalk again or attack something with a kick, she can tow along something that your opponent probably does not want to deal with having enhanced mobility. Porkchop is 50mm base, so are Large Steam Arachnids. Use something like that as a Railwalk node, Mei places on the other side of it (~8" place) and puts something like Kang, Joss, or even the Emissary on the other side of her, effectively placing them out of activation to a part of the table your opponent wasn't prepared for them to be at. Then they get to activate. Weeeeeee... Seismic Claws, move over a bit, gotta try some stuff out. Now for Press the Advantage.. On a Crow and a Mask.. Mask is built in to the Tiger Claw.. so with a stone or a good Crow, you can Railwalk to a node, trigger for Jackhammer Kick into something, copy the Rolling Ground trigger from upgraded Claws to push the victim 2" and kick them again, go for the Railwalk trigger to place and kick again (or kick something else)... then spend your next two AP venting steam? Go for more kicks and giggles? Her attacks have so many triggers that being able to copy triggers, even only once per activation is actually pretty big. Outside of hyperaggressive use, it also gives you the ability to Railwalk into a position, kick someone, and Railwalk out all on a single AP (and non-trivial flips). If the summary isn't missing some nuance, she could use the Ca7 3" attack from Vapormancy and copy the Vent Steam trigger with the baked in Tome, then use her melee attacks without stressing about needing a Tome to have a little bit of Steam around her and her crew--letting me shoot for some of the other triggers instead. If it relies on the trigger being printed on the ability, it'll lose some flexibility, but not all--you can still set things on fire with your Jackhammer Kick off of the Tiger Claw trigger. Which sets up a Railwalk/kick combination that can put you at positives on damage with the claws when you get on target, without needing the Effigy to work its magic first.
  4. Which master for this crew?

    Without upgrades, I would lean away from Sandeep. He has a lot of utility, but your crew would benefit more from his upgrades, and his summoning is only on his upgrades. Ramos has his summoning built in, so he can play into Reconnoiter while the rest of your crew works the schemes and reduces opposing model count. Rasputina's Ice Mirror network is interesting, but I don't know how well it performs without some of her upgrades and a crew that's more focused on it.
  5. What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    Or expanded on it.. Now you can make Executioners cyborgs and loop them in in a limited way.
  6. What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    Colette was already at 11 on interesting.. This will make their abilities much more interesting and reliable. Especially if you're running Oiran in the middle of a show. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that Carlos didn't need a free focused, but I may be somewhat biased.
  7. TtB Modular kits

    My only complaint about these kits is that the ones I picked up not 100% customizable. I ran into this when I was attempting to use them to create an as true-to-sheet representation of some Fated characters as I could. If you're good with your tools, you can clip, shave, and file them to fit, then use plastic glue to melt the difference down (or use putty to clean them up), however it would be nice if the heads, leg-pairs, and arm-pairs were more interchangeable out of the box. The downside of modularity like this is we'll run into more tiny, fiddly bits when it comes to what they're holding, even if hands are similarly modular. Hands being cast with weapons/cards/books/gestures would allow for a better point-of-contact than having the those bits separate, however. Other than that, I'm quite happy with them
  8. What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    Ramos is very AP efficient with his base summons, and I don't often find myself needing more AP from him. Having a single turn or two in which he can be fast in order to accomplish something (like complete a scheme) is a big thing for him. Having a crux turn where he can focus&shoot x2 helps him out a great deal, as you just need to be able to be at a straight flip to cheat towards that 7 damage on his ranged attack.
  9. What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    +1Ca is a big deal, as is Fast. Would be interesting if he has any modifications to his summoning as well.. I'll have to wait until my cards arrive..
  10. Cumulative armor

    Which is a good power balancing thing, in my opinion and experience. Ubertanks that get there without support tend to skew encounters.
  11. Rasputina freeze over and master advice

    You can target your own model or the opposing model. Since they are engaged, if the attack has a you'll still end up randomizing (page 48 call out box, page 50 detail). Your model being immune to paralyze does not stop the attack if it hits them, just stops the Frozen Heart model from getting the condition. This is a common tactic within Rasputina and Frozen Heart crews, as if it hits your model you relent and get the effect without any further ado, and if it hits the opposing model they're having to worry about stopping it from going off. Note: for opinions/advice on masters, I strongly recommend going to the Faction-specific areas and picking brains there. This space is intended for rules queries, not opinions on crew selection for scenarios.
  12. Steam fitters

    Just wait until Hoffman fully joins us. Then you have all our non-construct tools too. Of course, the new Governor-General is actually expanding on his duties and giving him better resources so he'll be less tempted. Does he know that Anna is why Ryle got hurt, or does he still think Ramos and company are to blame?
  13. Monday Preview - August 14th

    Non-black black gives you the ability to tint your 'black' as well as give it some depth that straight black doesn't have. You start with the color you want to tint, and use black wash (thinned out black paint if you don't have a designated wash) to create shadows, then follow up with the base tint color to do highlighting. If you want more layers and depth, you can mix a little of the base color into the black wash to create intermediate bands between the shadows and highlights.
  14. TTB Core Rules Discussion

    Now that my digestion of the new book has gotten far enough in to be puzzling over the pursuit reworks.. I definitely agree with this. For example, the rework to Drudge didn't hurt the concept at all but better illustrates it through the skills and gives the Drudge tools that can help the team beyond being harder to kill. The old core Drudge struck me and a few others I know of as just a way to start with an augmented limb and potentially build towards a tank. The rework gives it more than just being a Rail Worker in game, especially at higher ranks with being able to cheat down incoming damage and gain additional AP from being badly hurt--and the option to have a toolkit instead of augmented limb(s), which allows for being too stubborn to die as a mere human. That's not even looking at the healing flips for a speech, to include allies who hear it. Stoic "cannae stop industry" seems better represented there. I love that Academics can actually use their background in more circumstances than even before (being able to think around a problem by treating it as something the Fated was already knowledgeable in is cool), to include giving them some ability to figure out what they're dealing with even in combat. There's some priceless ability there: to be able to tell your beaters where to shoot/stab/hammer in combat, what weapons to use, or when to leg it and find some mercs or thugs to take the brunt of it. Or, let's avoid combat altogether by having the long-winded academic bore everyone into a daze, if not unconsciousness with a lecture about some nuanced reading of Darwinian Evolution as it applies to Gremlins in a specific region of the Bayou, or the socio-political ramifications of [zzzzzzz....].
  15. Headhunter post errata

    Here's what can be really twisted about that: her Kill the Gamin ability is a (0) on an upgrade, which means if she's already in position, she can (0) to kill the Wind Gamin, get a free 5" push for herself to put her near another marker or scenario-relevant location with 2 AP left to spend. Move and interact? Interact and move? Move into hiding? Charge a scheme runner that thought itself out of her threat range? Sandeep in Headhunter is definitely not dead. It's just going to involve more thinking about things than: With more complexity comes more fragility, which steers things to a place that is a little better.. but doesn't address all the things that can make Sandeep seem overwhelming. I know here in the PacNW, his mobility is what makes people fear him; but most 'Deep players up here are going Commands and bringing another min damage 3 beater to take the "pay attention to me or die trying to score" route to victory.