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  1. Nekima Leader upgrades & a new model idea

    Maybe discard a card if they activate within (6) to get Fast?
  2. Nekima Leader upgrades & a new model idea

    You know, this is interesting. Now that we know Wyrd are doing master upgrades in Broken Promises. I wonder if in the next book they could take a henchman per faction and elevate them to masters like this. Give them a new model, but not necessarily a new crew box.
  3. Malifaux boardgames?

    There's little to fear about Malifaux going to army scale. That's why they made a whole separate game. If you're not interested, well, that's why it's a separate game. The intention with a new game is to attract a new audience, not cannibalize the current audience. The common background of Malifaux will draw in people who want to play it for that reason, but it's aimed at an entirely different audience than Malifaux. About resources, they've been talking about TOS for 2 years now since they first teased it, and during that time they have developed the rules, done the art, done the unit renders, and I'm assuming experimented with casting in the new material, playtested the system extensively and also written and edited the rulebook and unit cards. Some of this, like the unit renders, was finished before the kickstarter even launched. In that time in Malifaux, they've released two books, with a third on the way. They've made a campaign system, released the Crossroads Seven, Emissarys and a new master per faction, as well as about 15 new units per faction along with things like the story encounter boxes, caught up on all of their backlog of models being updated into HIPS, released a slew of alternate miniatures between Nightmare crews, Miss models and alternates available in multiple ways and ramped up errata. Edit - oh and have run two global campaigns, one of which let the community shape three new characters. I don't think their support of Malifaux is hurting because they're giving The Other Side a try. A few projects might have been sidelined (they said as much during the kickstarter when they put every unit into production rather than getting them unlocked) but Malifaux is definitely getting a lot of support.
  4. Lilith's fluff direction

    I think it's interesting with Nekima creating half breeds to try to usurp Lilith. That there is an interesting way to move Nekima to Outcasts, if anyone went there - the outcast Nephilim ruler using unorthodox methods to regain power. Though the bigger problem is Nekima is the factions most popular beater, and Lilith is the factions most flexible leader. Lilith going Outcasts, or being killed outright, leaves a big playstyle hole that Nekima simply wouldn't fill, and Nekima going Outcasts removes the factions most popular beater and creating a 'not-Nekima', overly similar replacement would be seen as lazy. So I'm pretty sure neither are going anywhere, at least until an M3E.
  5. Wyrd Chronicles 30

    Edit - double post
  6. Wyrd Chronicles 30

    How so? Is it the female to female thing? There's been a female to female Miss before, Miss Pack.
  7. Monday Preview - July 10th

    I like that Nightmare editions have changed from 'big scary' version of a model to just being Wyrds outlet for crazy.
  8. Monday Preview - July 10th

    Is that one Princess or two? Some find two Rat Kings isn't enoughm a single Rat King would definitely be too few.
  9. Lilith's fluff direction

    They did one about 6 months ago. Right before they announced second edition (I'll admit, the timing annoyed me). Had the Fated and Fatemasters Almanacs, Into the Steam, Under Quarantine, A Night in Rottenburg, Northern Aggression and 5 one shots for about $30us. So I can't see them doing another so soon.
  10. You say you like Ice themed stuff and Druid themed stuff, and also Fae. Titania sounds like she's right up your alley, as it covers all of that (eventually). Titania herself is a pretty stereotypical Faerie type. Aeslin is her personal Druid. Soon we're getting the Cyclops, which is very winter/ice themed - they can throw up walls of ice and use Frozen Runes to do various effects.
  11. The flipside to hiring all beaters and leaving scheme runners to summoning is you might draw an awful hand, or even a series of awful hands. The lowest non-Insignificant summon requires a 9, unless you have Mr Tannen which makes it a 7. I've quite reliably drawn hands that couldn't hope to summon Insidious Madnesses on turn 1, and even with Mr Tannens help would have struggled to get more than 1 out. If I were playing the Dreamer, I'd at least hire the bare minimum of scheme runners needed for any schemes you can grab early. Better than than be on the back foot in points because I couldn't get scheme runners out on turn 1.
  12. The Other Side is Wyrds foray into larger, army scale games. And honestly I don't think actual Tyrants would be able to be done properly. The impression I've gotten of them was they were complete forces of nature, capable of massive destruction, which is why Titania resorted to her pact with the Grave Spirit to defeat them.
  13. Lilith's fluff direction

    Lilith is my favorite master, both in the game and fluff, so i'd be fairly miffed if Wyrd offed her. But I think her design could use a bit of a reboot and make her look a bit more like other Nephilim. Nothing over the top, but small horns on the forehead and bulges where hidden wings would be under her coat would go a long way. The biggest gripe I see with her is she looks nothing like the Nephilim she leads, with no clear answer given as to why. There's the usual 'powerful Neverborn can look like what they want' but why someone who hates humans as much as she does chooses to mimic their appearance right down to wearing fairly modern clothes, especially when she's not know to be particularly subtle dealing with them, is a bit odd.
  14. Into the Steam update?

    Still didn't fix iOS issues
  15. Broken Promises teaser

    Stat cards are in the book and with the models, and upgrades are in generalist upgrade decks. Arsenal decks are gone. Going by previous gencons, the book will be available in limited quantities, the generalist upgrade deck should be available, and maybe some early releases of upcoming kits.