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  1. Wyrdscapes

    That market is fairly saturated. There's over half a dozen well known manufacturers, and some lesser known, making a variety of different designs over multiple materials, single and double sided, with or without overpinted objective markings, at reasonable prices because they're all in competition with each other. Wyrd would have a lot of reasonably priced competition who already do what they would be offering. HIPS tiles? They're in competition with GW's Realm of Battle Board, which is insanely expensive and just rolling hills, and Secret Weapon Tablescapes, which are pretty hard to get a hold of (at least in Australia) and are mostly Sci Fi plus an old temple type board and basic rolling hills. Coming into this market with a cobblestone tile system and matching modular buildings? I've already seen people say they want it for LotR, Warmachine, Mordheim, Twisted and Frostgrave. There's more games with settings that include cobblestone paved cities as well. They just have to price it right and this will be a very high in demand product.
  2. Cyclops vs rougarou

    No, gave them Ice Walls. There’s a big difference - Walls are placed in base contact with the Cyclops while Pillars have (IIRC) a 12” range. The limitation of base contact while not touching models or markers means they have a much smaller impact on the game than Pillars since they’re harder to position well.
  3. Wyrdscapes

    I'm actually hoping for a Malifaux Sewers set next.
  4. Wyrdscapes

    Not sure why people are seeing it as a potential TOS board. 100mm plug bases, which seem to be the most common, would have almost nowhere to be placed on that table. TOS is designed around a small amount of terrain. Bases alone make dense terrain extremely difficult.
  5. Wyrdscapes

    Curious about the price. I'm expecting around $500au in Australia, though I could be way off either way. It's a hard product to price though. Too high and you don't sell enough to justify doing them in hard plastic, too cheap and you don't make as much money.
  6. Faction rankings?

    If your only experience with Lilith is Grow lists, no wonder you don’t rank her high.
  7. Only Outcast visible

    I can see everything fine, iOS on phone.
  8. Faction rankings?

    As much as I love Pandora, Lilith is better. Pandora is great in her little niche, but outside of that - or if someone knows how to build or play around it - she really struggles.
  9. what's your crutch?

    It's a common mistake. I learned that the same way - someone mentioned it here.
  10. Oracle text database

    This is one of the functions of errata. Not just to rebalance units, but also to clean up wording. For example, the Brewmaster in the January 2017 errata. Nothing changed, but his Drinking Contest ability was reworded to read clearer. Your suggestion of how to make it work in the app seems redundant. If they're going to have a separate document and link to it, why make a database when they already have a FAQ for this? The app makes it very easy to reword a skill and push out an update so people just see the new wording when they use the skill. Obviously, have patch notes here and in the app stores so people know what's changed so they can go look for it. The only thing keeping them from doing this more regularly is they are obviously pushing for an all-inclusive way of playing, which means keeping the cards around. If they push out errata, people who want to use cards need to buy them. If they push out too many errata, people are buying new cards regularly. So this is why they also have the FAQ.
  11. what's your crutch?

    I stopped using Wings of Darkness on Pandora once I realised that she doesn't get Flight on her Fading Memory pushes. Hampered the utility a lot.
  12. TOS terrain what have you made?

    We're getting tide pool markers, so I'm not bothered making any. As for general terrain, it seems that Malifaux terrain should suffice. Basically what you'd have as your tables worth of Malifaux terrain, spread out, should work for TOS, so I'll probably just do that.
  13. Thoughts on hooded rider at 10?

    I didn’t bring up Oxfordian Mages either. I just said they could give Teddy an upgrade that doesn’t count to the limit.
  14. Thoughts on hooded rider at 10?

    When did I bring up the Executioner?
  15. Thoughts on hooded rider at 10?

    They could always just state on the upgrade that it doesn’t count towards the upgrade limit. Upgrades like that already exist.