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  1. -Loki-

    Primordial Magic Conversions?

    Essence of Power is a good proxy.
  2. -Loki-

    How many eels... And eggs?

    I’m considering bumping my 3 eggs to 6. I’ll likely hire 2, but I’m guessing my first Karkinoi order will be move and lay eggs, ending up with 5. A sixth in case I get the trigger to lay multiple eggs. The thing with eggs is they’re your main source of reinforcement tokens, and those are very important to Hordes.
  3. -Loki-

    Final Order

    Got shipping to Australia. Dual commander, both rulebooks, everything for Abyssinia and Hordes, plus a couple of extras, $38us. Thats incredibly reasonable.
  4. -Loki-

    How many eels... And eggs?

    Old thread but with the backerkit coming to a close its worth mentioning a neat interaction with the Eel and Horomatangi. Horomatangi can yell at the Eel to generate 2 reinforcement tokens. Also effects that happen at the same time to the same friendly unit are done in the controlling players order. The Eel deploys near something it can devour to flip to Glory. During the upkeep phase, the Eel generates a Reinforcement token. Horomatangi activates before it and yells 2 more Reinforcement tokens onto it. The Eel activates, and on activation it flips to Glory. It now has another activation ability, Split in Two. Thanks to the 3 Reinforcement tokens, it can Split in Two on the first turn. Nice way to offset Horomatangis 3 scrip deficit by getting another Eel.
  5. But I am addressing the thread. I feel the entire idea incredibly entitled, as I first said.
  6. I didn’t realise I wasn’t being civil. I could have used harsher language. What I meant was the whole ‘show your evidence’ is a lot like a math teacher berating you and marking you down for not showing your working in an exam in high school. They have no obligation to do so. They do explain it though, and have in each errata thread.
  7. I was acting tough? I have an opinion of your attitude, that seems to have struck a nerve. I didn’t ask you to meet me round the back alley for some fisticuffs.
  8. You're effectively asking them to 'show your working'. I find that an incredibly entitled attitude. They don't have to explain why they make their balance adjustments, it's their game. You're not their teacher to sit there and say 'you're wrong, here's why'.
  9. -Loki-

    Final Order

    I was originally going with Commander, Gibbering Hordes. After the pledge manager opened, I upped to Dual Commander with Cult of the Burning Man. However, I realized there were few Cult things I liked, and those actually work well with Gibbering Hordes (ECB Black Ops and Doomseekers, both adding ranged attacks). Also a friend decided they wanted to buy in but late, so I simply swapped the Cult over to Abyssina for him. The last week or so hype has been hitting ridiculous levels, and I decided I wanted one of everything for Hordes. Also I wanted all of the UV treated cards. So I added it all, and he decided he wanted one of everything for Abyssina, and all of the UV treated cards. So since the kickstarter, my pledge has gone from single commander to dual commander with everything for Gibbering Hordes and Abyssina. Plus I added 2 more Egg Clutches since you only get 1 in the Commander pledge, and two Eels since they can replicate.
  10. -Loki-

    A Wyrd Place

    He does have a point though. Since it became official there’s been an attitude shift which hasn’t been overly pleasant.
  11. -Loki-

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    It was used on Pandoras new Limited upgrade, Woe is Me. Lets her summon Woe out of faction. Right now that's just Field Reporters, but they're pretty great with her using that upgrade, easily spreading conditions to summon off. Also Seamus new upgrade Aka Sebastian Baker got an expanded Infiltration called My Lovelies that lets him hire 4 non-Totem, Living showgirls and makes them Undead. Honestly, if something makes it to an M3E I hope Mercenary availability is toned down a lot, dual faction goes the way of the Dodo and Infiltration is used to get out of faction models. But that's mostly because I really like in-theme lists.
  12. -Loki-

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    There’s already a mechanic for this - Infiltration. Hire up to 4 models with keyword X. They just need to use the mechanic more.
  13. One of my main points of issue is the short stories. Published in a PDF feels official. In a blog entry, no matter the source, will feel like fan fiction. Also easy to lose if the blog ever stops getting supported and the pages go offline.
  14. Fun idea but the Nightmare box this year goes to the Gremlins.