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  1. Oops! I forgot....

    Stuff on upgrades. I play Brawler Pandora mainly these days and I constantly forget The Box Opens has the attack action Those That Dwell Within. Making a model lose all immunities to Horror in a Brawler Pandora list is pretty horrible, especially if it's something attacking Pandora. Same with Titania when I take Behold my Glory. I just always seem to forget they're there. However I always remember Illusionary Forest when I take Beckon Malifaux with Lilith.
  2. Wish list

    Normal Fae. The art that showed Titania flying out of Nythera showed normal looking humanoids crawling out of the hole. Right now Fae are a mixed bag. We've got Titanias eternal generals and Dryw, the Rougarou, the Bandersnatch, and now Cyclops and Bultungin. I think some normal looking Fae minions to sort of normalise the Fae race would be welcome.
  3. Aeslin...

    Aeslin with Pandora is interesting. Rot and Rend has a double mask trigger on a 10" range gun to draw the target 6" towards Aeslin. if nothing else she's good with Misery bubbles using that.
  4. Cyclops vs rougarou

    Titanias conflux is great if you're in a Fae heavy crew, which is going to be if you're running a thematic crew or Royal Indignation. Having a lot of models to use its 0 on is really handy as it can do so much, and its bonus for being near its own Hungry Lands marker is really handy. If you're running Pact with the Grave Spirit and not a whole lot of Fae but still want the Emissary? Mysterious Conflux is a good alternative, especially since as said already the Tooth/Rougarou combo is so easy to insert into most lists.
  5. What is the appeal of M3E?

    The problem is, some of the 0 cost upgrades were done without adding to the unit needing a buff. For example, the Monks of the Low REiver upgrade attaches to another model that can take upgrades and buffs Monks of the Low River within 12". Also revisiting older models is better done through errata. You don't need a whole new edition to buff some underused models.
  6. Wrath - no new upgrade?

    This. His upgrade also doesn't make him a Master. You're still playing a game led by a Henchman but with 1 additional general AP.
  7. August 15th - App

    It appears to have a QR code to share lists with each other, so double checking their list could be a breeze.
  8. Next Allegiances

    My solution is to just go with everything. I'll probably wind up with an allegiance box from every Malifaux allegiance, even if I don't completely follow each Allegiance. The fact that the Allegiance boxes are complete 1 commander armies is a huge boon, and dual Allegiance commanders let you bring one you've dabbled in to a 2 commander game. I'm now curious how dual commanders will work with more than 2 Allegiances per side. Horomatangi lets you take the full scrip of either Cult and Hordes for one company. Will we have Cult/Kimon, Cult/Court, Hordes/Kimon, Hordes/Court, Court/Kimon as well? Or will it be more selective and we only get dual Allegiance commanders linking some Allegiances but not others?
  9. Titania feels

    Oops missed that. Fixed.
  10. August 15th - App

    I totally missed this one. Model collection tracking! Awesome.
  11. Titania feels

    I was really excited for Royal Indignation. It lets her tank how she was meant to. The Emissary's conflux synergises so well with it since all Living minion and enforcer models become Undead Fae, letting the Emissary use its buff on them. I played 2 games with the new upgrades. The game I used Royal Indignation I also used the Emissary with her Conflux. I chose Royal Indignation because my opponent was playing Asami so I was expecting a fair few Oni minions, but he decided to load his crew with Enforcers and Henchmen. I eeked out a draw but I feel Pact with the Grave Spirit would have been better that game. Second game was a 4 player, 30ss game. Titania used Pact with the Grave Spirit. She did a lot of damage that game. Wow. Killed Francois in one turn (Bloody Command - 4 damage (moderate, +1 from a scheme marker), Rot within - 4 damage, Rot within - 4 damage). Then went after the Ten Thunders player. In one turn she killed a Thunders Brother (Bloody Command, Rot Within) then took another Thunders Brother to 1W (Bloody Command, severe, +1 from scheme marker dropped by Rot Within). Opponents freaked out and sent Misaki after her with her new The Storm upgrade and she got pummeled by blasts before being airdropped by Zipp. The Rot Within doesn't seem like a lot. Max of 4 damage isn't really up there with the best beatstick masters. But it's worth remembering that there's no damage track. If the target has taken 4 or more damage, you can draw the flip and still deal 4 damage rather than a double negative damage flip. Bloody Command makes it easy to take off 4 wounds, especially if there's a scheme marker nearby. After that, you're good. Against masters you get an additional +1, so Bloody Command is 5/6/7 if there's 2 markers near them, and Rot Within is 5. Since Rot Within isn't a gun or melee, she can use it anywhere, on anyone in range. A Master with 2 Markers near them is in a lot of trouble if Titania hasn't activated. The inability to stone seems better as a defence. Titania running into 3" might not seem like the best idea, but if someone charges her and doesn't finish her, you can have a beater like a Cyclops charge them and they can't stone for damage reduction. Basically in the space of 2 games I went from 'woo tanky Titania' to 'holy shit beatstick Titania'.
  12. August 15th - App

    Wound icons on Lady J look clickable (otherwise there's not a reason to actually have them there either). That would be fantastic.
  13. Bayou Bushwhackers with Manifest Destiny

    Depends on what you meant by good. I've used it in situations where I haven't minded trading the 2 wounds to finish something off, though I haven't used them a lot. I won't use it to hit something on full health, but if something is on a few wounds left and I miss a shot? I'll take the 2 wounds for a free shot at taking it off the table.
  14. Bayou Bushwhackers with Manifest Destiny

    That depends what you're shooting at. They're Sh 6 and ignore cover, which is pretty high. If you're taking the 2 damage to shoot at something with low Df, you've got a good chance to end up on a straight flip rather than a negative to more likely deal 3 or 4.
  15. Is Collodi next on the chopping block?

    Great. Like the Dreamer, this is going to be one of those awesome crews that gets Cuddled right before I finish painting it to get it on the table.