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  1. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    You know, those Snowmen would also make great Insidious Madnesses.
  2. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Will this be limited edition like other alts or eventually general release like the Tortoise and Hare?
  3. Malifaux App Launched!

    Aha, I didn't think to do that, that works. Theres still the problem with attaching upgrades mid game though.
  4. Malifaux App Launched!

    Finally unlocked the cards. I think my biggest gripe is how the ability text needs you to tap the ability name for a box out. I'd have preferred that text to just be under the ability name. If you're not overly familiar with a unit, you'll miss things. Having that smaller ability text below the skill names means a bit more scrolling, but it's not like you have limited vertical space. Also I'd prefer the conditions to be moved to just under the card, and add a little icon on the unit on the list to show they have a condition. When they're way at the bottom and with no notification on the overall crew list you can miss them. If you're only tracking conditions with the app and not tokens, you might forget something has, say, Burning and forget to apply the damage at the end of the turn. Other than that, I really like the app. Another bug I found - if an upgrade is discarded, the upgrade itself greys out with a line through it, but any abilities remain. This can get confusing. If you're going to add in line abilities with upgrades, you'll need to remove them when the upgrade is gone. Also regarding upgrades, when you select to attach an upgrade mid-encounter, the list is very small, I'm assuming they're upgrades that by their nature are attached during the game. However, when something with A Thousand Faces discards it to attach, say, Retributions Eye, the upgrade isn't available.
  5. Malifaux App Launched!

    Very cool app. Though I'll add in that filters don't work for me in the crew selector. Once that's patched I'll be very happy.
  6. Wave 5 refining our meta

    See, I had the opposite reaction. But I think that shows the strength of the two upgrades. They're both great, it just depends on what you want Titania to do and what you expect your opponent to field.
  7. Titania 101

    I've found with Cyclops the ice Pillars are their extra Df. Rather than using them to create a chokepoint, use it to get them up the table and then block LoS to them, forcing the enemy to either spent actions to get LoS before attacking (which can increase the chance of them only being wounded and starting the next activation in Cyclopean Rage since they will be spending less actions hitting you) or just not going for them. Also Cyclops can take Taproot since it's an Enforcer, which only has the restriction of Fae. I've had fun with two Cyclops with A Thousand Faces. Depending on where they are when the fighting starts, the Cyclops in the better position can put in Taproot. The other can swap in Malifaux Provides if it needs some healing or Retributions Eye if it needs to hit something Armoured.
  8. Wave 5 refining our meta

    How many expensive, tough models is your opponent fielding that you want to hammer with a reliable 12/13/14 damage? Her single target nuking makes her a scalpel. It'll eat some SS if you don't have the Crows in hand and it's not a Master, but being able to remove an expensive, tough non-Master model with that kind of damage, in addition to their Master without the resources, is absolutely worth it. Even then, Crows aren't high in demand with Neverborn, so having some higher mid ranged Crows to throw a Rot Within at something already damaged, probably engaged with another Fae can be a good way to force your opponent to throw higher cards at stopping it (since, again, only needing a draw to hit the maximum damage if they've suffered 4 wounds already is pretty great).
  9. Wave 5 refining our meta

    I'm fairly certain that as a master she can use SS?
  10. Help picking a second faction

    Honestly, the way the dual commanders work, you're doing yourself a disservice if you go with 2 factions and choose different sides. As mentioned, they let you hire squads from the other Allegiance up to half of your total scrip. That is unless you just plain don't like the other Allegiance, or you're going dual for other reasons (such as getting two opposing forces for demo games).
  11. Joining the party late via backerkit

    With the project pushed back to March, I wouldn't expect funds to be taken out any time this year.
  12. The Enforcer Problem

    The thing is, Enforcers aren't the only station that have strong 'must picks'. For example, Illuminated are 7ss Minions that are far stronger than their 7ss implies. If you have Illuminated available to you, and you are looking for an 7ss model, it's very hard to pass them over.
  13. Wave 5 refining our meta

    I was a huge fan of Royal Indignation until I actually tried Pact with the Grave Spirit. Tanking is fine, but when the enemy models are dead you don't exactly need to. If you hit a target near 2 scheme markers (not hard with Titania) she can put 12/13/14 on a single target, 15/16/17 if it's a master if she kicks it off with Bloody Command. Pact makes her really good at single model nuking. The key to it is Rot Within doing 4 damage, with no damage track. It means all you need is a draw to hit its damage. If you have 2 scheme markers near the target, you also only need a draw since a low damage with 2 markers will get 4 damage on the target to make Rot Within hit its maximum and get 12 on a non-Master, 15 on a Master. And if something has already lost 4 wounds, she can go to town with Rot Within. 4 damage doesn't sound like a lot, but for Titania, it's essentially a guaranteed Severe, since her attacks are all Severe 4 at most. It's also not a attack, and neither is Bloody Command, so she can lend this sort of damage output to engagements 8" away helps a lot as well.
  14. Titania and will o' wisps

    The Gorar works really well because there's so many Fae Minions. Only Aeslin and Cyclops' can't be brought back. However, I'd still like to see an errata that has the ability work on the centerline rather than the center bubble.
  15. Ours!

    I really don't care about the fluff justifications. I just want The Sandmen in TOS.