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  1. Latest card, Hatchet is replaced with Knives. I mean I didn't mind either way, but it shows Wyrd listen.
  2. Yeah won't work. Arcane Reservoir isn't a condition.
  3. While I have no inside information, I'd guess this is why they wanted to make Through the breach and now The other Side. By expanding the amount of games they support, they reduce the need to release a lot of new content for Malifaux just to keep the company propped up financially. It already seems to have started, now that releases are mostly caught up with the books after the massed releases in the core rulebook and Crossroads. After dropping to about half a dozen new units per book since book 3, releases have slowed down considerably. If you look at the new releases right now, they haven't exactly been packed every month. The last three months have been four kits a month, plus occasional TTB releases and extras like Fate decks and scenic bases. When The Other Side releases, we'll see releases for that game taking spots on the Upcoming releases page as well, getting more content out. The example of Infinity is a good one. Infinity is my other game, but lately the glut of units has started to bog the game down. There's just flat out too many units already, and we only have the first 2 books, with at least 2 more in the pipeline, each adding a new sectorial with even more units. If you play a generic army over a sectorial, choice paralysis is a real thing when there's multiple units that essentially do the same thing with only slight changes here and there. Corvus Belli desperately need another creative outlet. They've been doing a bit with that lately, their first manga, the RPG and their upcoming boardgame. During the development of the boardgame it seems they slowed down a bit on new models, with a few months having 1 less kit released. Plus their reliance lately on resculpting old models, which has slowed the avalanche of new rules.
  4. I think to an extent it is, but not as much as it appears when you read various 'competitive' people talking. What's happened, however, is there tends to be popular models in each ss bracket in each faction that are generally good, probably too good than they should be for their cost. As a Neverborn example, Illuminated. They're tough (Armour, Regeneration and Terrifying), hit hard at range and melee, (Ml 6 or Sh 5 with 2/4/5 damage tracks before Brilliance is considered) and have a built in self heal. That's amazing for a 7ss model. If you manage to get Brillance on the model and turn those damage tracks into 4/6/7 then... yeah. But it's not needed for them to be the best 7ss beater minion for Neverborn. When the Autumn Knights stats came out, the general consensus was 'They're good for 7ss beater minions, but why would I use them over Illuminated?'. The Tooth has some real synergy with Rougarou/models with Pounce if you want a little pounce engine, The Thorn has good card draw potential, but unless you specifically want those things, the general consensus is to use Illuminated. Because Illuminated are just really, really good for 7ss, honestly better than they should be. Really though, unless you're playing at the tippy top of your competitive meta, using Autumn Knights over Illuminated isn't going to be losing you games if you play them right. Personally, I use them because I don't have Illuminated, and it doesn't bother me a bit. It's just the online talk tends to gravitate to that kind of comparison. If you find yourself gravitating to the same old choices over and over, I'd just suggest forcing yourself out of your comfort zone. There's some fun combos to be had in models you don't use. And if you lose... it's only a game. Personally, I try to never use the same list twice, since I always want to try new things.
  5. So it's June and we're still waiting. I'm considering upping to dual commander now. What kind of warning are we going to get to make last minute changes before we finalise shipping?
  6. The Minion and Enforcer restriction is necessary because if it simply said 'ignoring restrictions' you could attach it to anything, including Henchmen and Masters. It does need 'ignoring restrictions' added to it, but it absolutely needs to keep the 'Minions and Enforcers only'. Maybe change the wording to 'Minions ignoring restrictions and Enforcers'. That way it's clear Minions can take it, but it's still restricted to Minions and Enforcers.
  7. I'm still curious why they should be allowed to cover markers when no other blocking impassable placeable terrain can, for very obvious reasons. I get that Titanias crew puts a lot of markers down but giving it a small range stat lets Foresight push them out a bit further so you should be able to place them.
  8. I like the idea of cheatable Frozen Runes. The effects aren't so big that it's worth throwing cards at it, and as said, Lynch needs a lot of setup work to abuse with recycling aces, so much so that it's likely hindering his game. I don't think it'll come up all that often, since throwing a high card to simply cause or heal 1 damage or cause slow is a waste considering it could be thrown at an action or defense. Throwing a red joker is a total waste, and a black joker puts it back into circulation which you don't want. The only time you'd use it is if you wanted to throw away some low cards, but then you probably have other uses for throwing those cards as well, like Flurry, condition removal off a Scion or even the new Bultingin after a push.
  9. Thing is though, Neverborn have scheme runners. They have damage dealing minions. They have anti scheme runners. Bultungin have a niche - not everything needs to be a generalist choice. Does that niche need filling and do they fill it well enough? We'll see. Personally I'm very excited for them, simply because I know in my group I see a decent amount of Armour and Incorporeal, enough that makes a Bultungin a real consideration. Not sure about 2 or 3, but 1 is going to be a real consideration most lists.
  10. This time it was mistakenly made in the Neverborn section.
  11. Question - if a Hatchet attack would kill a model with HtK that is above 1 wound, the damage cannot reduce it below 1 wound. Would this count as reduced damage? I'm thinking not since HtK doesn't say to reduce the damage, just that the damage can't reduce the target below 1 wound, but this is an odd interaction.
  12. The trigger for Unfinished Hunt doesn't mean the opponent has to actively reduce the damage. Models with Armour and Incorporeal automatically reduce it, letting you trigger Savage Mauling. It's basically an Armour/Incorporeal hunter rather than a general beater minion.
  13. A cheap Fae minion would seem a bit redundant now though that Bultungin are Fae.
  14. Dreamer is good. Best master? Definitely debatable. Teddy is a very good, master independent beater enforcer. Dreamer can summon him and give him a small heal or push and Kade synergises with him, but neither are needed for ateddy to do what he does best. Having a Teddy available is good for any master.
  15. That's true, but so far the bestial Fae wouldn't fit Swampfeinds. Swampfiends are, well, things you'd find in a swamp. Rougarou are basically undead Dire Wolves, and Bultingun are Werehyenas. Still, they could have both the Fae and Swampfiend keywords if they fit both, like the Bandersnatch has Fae, Nightmare and Spirit.