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  1. He missed being part of the Easter Sale. If he's going to be part of one of the three yearly sales, his next opportunity is being for sale during Gencon (though new LE models for gencon are usually limited to Nightmare and Miss models) or more likely as an incentive during Black Friday.
  2. Everything?
  3. While it's not much, you could get your hobby on. It's not hard to cut the legs at the knees and glue it to the base, and use some plastic putty/liquid green stuff to model some rippling on the base.
  4. It does get tiresome after a while. My bits box is full of gaunt and Tyranid Warrior arms that will never, ever be used.
  5. This has been known since the book was released.
  6. If they did multipart plastic kits for every faction, that sort of campaign system would be fantastic.
  7. Fair enough.
  8. Well, consider that most people buy the box, clip Trixibelle off, and leave the rest (not that I agree with how 'bad others think the rest of the box is), half of the price is better than the full price. It's basically like buying an alt in pricing.
  9. Or just like, buy it from somewhere that sells split boxes.
  10. Because the general attitude is 6ss? I'll grab an Illuminated for 7ss. 1" slower walk, overall far too fantastic for 7ss.
  11. Well, it's not only 'kill the Neverborn or be killed by them'. The other option is to pack up and go back to Earth, which is all the Neverborn want.
  12. Coppelius is a good, if a bit pricey, anti scheme runner. He's fast enough to run them himself and good enough in a fight to deal with others.
  13. My opponents have always been shocked by his Df 7. Combined with being Ht 1 and astonishingly fast on the charge (IIRC Cg 7 or 8?), it's very easy to not expose him to damage until you're ready, and when you're ready, he should be in a position where he strikes and his Df 7 can let him get away alive.
  14. I got several multipart kits at Christmas. After knowing the scaling issues, and building a few male and female models, I didn't find the scale issue to be too bad. The females were slightly taller, but the issue appears to be the legs are too tall and the torsoe is a bit too short, so their hips are where the males stomach is. As usual for this sort of problem, when you put them on the table and are standing above them, you don't see it. You see it when you line the models up beside each other and take close up photos, so personally I just got over it. The biggest failing I saw with the kits was that they weren't really creating varied models as the builder desired. Certain torsos were designed to go with certain legs (which were mostly the same for that torso), with a few select arm combinations as well. This basically gave you about 10 bodies where you could, in a limited faction, swap some arms and heads around but mostly were set monopose miniatures. There's various ways they could have done it better, even as much as having the hands be separate from the arms so what was held in the hand wasn't dictated by the sleeve - or lack of one - which tied into certain torsos and thus legs. However, I'd be all over a Gremlin multipart kit. Hopefully they'd have learned from the human kits. There's just so many varieties of Gremlin clothing and weapons, both made by them or stolen, that a properly designed multipart kit could make some fantastically varied Gremlins. From pig farmers to ranchers to 'soldiers' to more dapper looking Gremlins across both male and female (honestly they're both so thin and wiry that you could use the same legs and arms for both, and the models so small you could cram so many more torsos and heads on a sprue), with boomsticks, clubs, swords, bows, crossbows, axes and more. I'd happily buy a pair of Gremlin multipart kits, but be ecstatic if they fixed some of the issues with how they pair parts together.
  15. Just to offer a third option - there's no reason you can't grab the Viktorias, build their crew out, and still main Neverborn. While there's benefits to playing the faction rather than the master, namely a much, much larger pool of models, the game doesn't require you to play it that way. It's very easy to play to a smaller pool of models which you vary based on schemes and strategies. Personally, I main Neverborn, and have 5 separate masters for them. I love the horror aspect of them. I also have a lot of Gremlins (which happened entirely by accident). However, I also have Jack Daw. The horror element of his speaks to me in the same way the Neverborn do. So for him, I focused on getting the different Tormented models. I'll get other non-Tormented models as I play him and figure out what else I'd like to do. I've also got Colette, because I bought The Dark Carnival and the Nightmare Coryphee. I also have started Perdita, as I've been collecting the LE models for her crew. I have no intention of expanding Arcanists, Guild or Outcasts out of those masters for the foreseeable future, but the optional variety is always nice.