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  1. We've already seen the card in the play test. She's Neverborn Tormented.
  2. She doesn't actually have Black Blood herself. Probably just bruised skin.
  3. I've bought a fair amount of stuff from them, and seen even more. Other buildings I've gotten and seen from them do not having moving parts. If there's an interior, there's no door. If there's a door, it's meant to be glued in place because the interior is not accessible. There may be other buildings I've not seen that have operable doors and interiors, but my guess is it's static. The door pieces are separate and it's up to you o decide how you want them positioned, and then it's permanent.
  4. This happens occasionally with popular crews. I remember the Viktorias having the same problem about a year ago. Sometimes your sales forecasts just fall short.
  5. I'd honestly rate Pandora. Insidious Madnesses and Teddy above Lilith and Titania, but that's because I adore Pandora. I'm not overly sure how Lilith would go with Autumn Knights, but she's pretty crew agnostic and they're generally good , durable minions who can dish out hurt. I think with this combination you'll be lacking a true beater, however. You might want to see if you can squeeze Teddy or Nekima in with this.
  6. Lilith and Titania isn't a bad combination. As you already said, Lilith gives Titania Barbaros and Terror Tots, but Titania also gives Lilith the Autumn Knights (Liliths box is lacking strong minions) and Aeslin. It's a fun combination.
  7. Any of those combinations is good. Rapid Growth is in the Nephilim expansion box. It was put there because you can't do a Grow list without those models, so it's useless in the Lilith box. Nekima comes with her upgrade The True Mother which also helps a grow list by creating more Terror Tots.
  8. Never said they were, not did I agree the Cyclops was one. I just disagreed that Neverborn were all tricky or finesse models, since they're plainly not. The cyclops has its own tricks, throwing up blocking terrain markers, using scheme markers to do random effects, discarding cards for additional range on its melee attack or healing. I'm not sure how changing Eat your Fill to Hard to Kill alone changed it from being a tricky beater to a blunt beater.
  9. It's not like Neverborn are all finesse and trickery. The faction is well known for its rather blunt beaters as well, like Teddy, Mature Nephilim and Nekima.
  10. Eh, I'm sure a lot of people feel that way about a popular model or two. I'm not too enamoured with Wong and Lightning Bugs.
  11. Yeah, I'm happy with the change. Gives him a niche as the Minion armour hunter. I'd happily add them to my collection.
  12. Seconding crewfaux. It's fantastic. Also can't wait for Wyrds official app.
  13. Also Angel Eyes.
  14. Trickster lady is Neverborn Tormented, so she's technically dual faction as well. Self Righteous Man is technically triple faction, as a Neverborn Lucius can take him as well as a Guild Lucius.
  15. I actually really like that idea. A heal while its crawling through it's lair would be pretty helpful, even if it's a trigger so it's not guaranteed.