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  1. Ok man, thanks.
  2. Hey nice idea, already registered. Any chance to add Venezuela and/or South America to locations?
  3. Any chance to get card for GG2017?
  4. Hello @CanYaDigIT i have an Santana Ortega, are you interested?
  5. With this is totally clear. Thanks again.
  6. Thank you @Math Mathonwy
  7. Hello @Math Mathonwy, Where can i read this on the books or faq?
  8. Beautifull and colorfull!
  9. Hey people... Any one have an ttb hannah for trade? I know is hard to get that model.
  10. Hey people, to say good bye to this year i will run an tournament. Fighting for the Hallaca. When: December 17 (saturday) Where: My place as always. Time: from 10am until last card is flipped
  11. That would be nice... Something like the sorcerer of the movie: The Princess and the Frog. My avatar is the logo from the community here in Venezuela... if you want the website is: www.malifaux.com.ve
  12. Ok Ok, i was missing that part
  13. How do you resolve timing on this?! Voodoo summon/Hem 1 + second WillO Summon(in that moment you must sacrifice others voodoo... the firs Hem is lost or not? In theory is the same model but the first one leave the game.
  14. More swampfiends for McTavish and maybe more animals... Maybe frogs, some kind of lizards... It is a swamp, many insteresting things can appear!
  15. This month (Nov 19) will start our second TTB Campaign (4 weeks). You are invited to participate. Where: as always at my place When: start Nov 19 and will be all Saturdays by night.