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  1. Those look good. That kayak! I might have to look into monster hunters.
  2. I like Queeg better but I'm teying to use Cherri Bomb. Could add him and a hound foe her cost and upgrade though.
  3. Hello. Wanting to put together wild ones box and build a crew using all models in box. What I'm thinking Rollins black 4ss cache glowing saber, badge of speed, promises Iggy pup (Luna) Cherri Bomb (Sidir) by your side Patti Ramone (Mounted Guard) Ell I Ramone (Mounted Guard) 2x guild hound witchling thrall What do you think? What would you run with box?
  4. Any luck finding game in Ithaca? Actually drove to Rochester and couldn't find a store that even carried Malifaux anymore. The both said they dropped it due to lack of interest. The store in Binghamton is the same story. I'm losing hope...
  5. I think this is one of the best box sets Wyrd has put out.
  6. Slowly getting scrap fire painted. Doxy tomorrow.
  7. Love this sculpt. I want to have mine dragging sword across the ground. It really captures her brute warlord attitude the fluff gives her. Thanks for the unboxing.
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