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Shopping list for the Mother of Monsters ^^


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It's a good start for a crew, though you may want more tots if you can in order to give you more options. And if you're interested in growing them, a couple more youngs is a good bet too.  For the sake of variety you could get a metal blister of tots and youngs while they're still around (if you like visuals).


Down the road, look for a black blood shaman, lilitu and lelu, Nekima and Tuco. Another Mature may be interesting if you like the model.


As for the bases, given nephilim are natives of that strange land, i wanted something more visually alien. It's really a matter of preference, though nephilims may be more commonly seen in the wilder parts of Malifaux rather than say, a morgue or a cemetary. From what i see you opted for ruins which is quite fine, there ought to be some ruins around (and in) Malifaux.  For my bunch of Nephilim, i went for Dark age groundwerks (infestation), though i don't intend to follow their paint scheme, i'll make it more ochre with some moss and stones (purple and yellow).

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