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Metal punk zombie sword replacement


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Privateer Press has guys with katanas that should be around the right size (skorne praetorians IIRC), though their bits shipping is expensive if you're not ordering bulk, so if people at your club/store are putting together an order, that would be the likely way of getting one.


If you find a bits store, GW LotR elf swords are probably close to right, too

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I 've tried the above tutorial with some success. A few tries later and the flattened brass rod lends itself well to katanas. The good thing is on the punks, if the blade looks rough or irregular it meshes well with the whole undead vibe. If you leave the hilt area rounded it can plug into the hole you drill in the hand very firmly.

Aside from the usual safety caveats, the difficult part is finding a solid and safe surface or object to use as an anvil.

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