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  1. Penny Dreadful series is the closest thing to Malifaux I've seen lately.
  2. The sculpt for action Hannah looks very unappealing. Do not want.
  3. The lack of Wave 2 cards makes Malifaux a bit of a hard sell. Look at these shiny cards! Oh sorry you can't use these other models unless you want to use these dodgy print outs and don't even think about Avatars.
  4. This week I will again be holding the Hobby Hour event at SMG. I will be available to assist anyone with their miniatures should they require it. The event will be starting at 10 through to 12 after which will come gaming during which I shall be supervising and demostating some crew box games of Malifaux.
  5. As an ongoing service to the dedicated gamers of SMG I will be introducing the Hobby Hour. Normally the start time of the club is at 12pm, but with the Hobby Hour I will be opening the club earlier at 10am for anyone who wishes to come along and get some hobbying done away from the chaos and distractions of home. There is no particular mandate being enforced here, you can do some modelling, painting, repair some terrain or just hang out. Even though it is called the Hobby Hour the event will go from 10 until 12. For the forseeable future I will be running this event every time the club is mee
  6. Brake fluid is chancy, one persons great result is anothers melted miniature. It all depends on the additives, Simple Green is a good product, you can also use Methylated Spirits. It also depends on the paint being used as anything that will take enamel off will also damage plastics so this is why you should always use water based acrylics. For best result take a small container and cover the miniature with your poison and close that container and weigh it down in a hot water bath. Should be ready to strip with an old tooth brush after a few hours.
  7. Great looking miniatures, but try blending the metals a little for a smoother finish. Kepp up the good work.
  8. Fantastic control with the dark cloth making it look black while not actually painting it that colour.
  9. I really like that yellow, but the "embroidary" is wyrd. On one hand you have a sweet looking dragon and then there is a cartoony mouse as if the archer is obliged to wear it because his girlfriend sewed it specially for him and he doesn't want to disappoint her.
  10. Thanks, it was a bit of a close call, I was thinking about making her up as the female Karas- But the top hat was too cool to pass up
  11. So I never liked the super skinny original Viks, but I liked the alternatives except for the super wyrd hairdo. So I decided to do something about and that something was to give them some fancy hats -
  12. I think they are a bit too big to fit on bases, they tend to crowd the miniature they are sharing the base with, but those are my aesthetics. A slightly smaller set is gravestones you find in Games Workshops undead range, but there is less variety.
  13. I have several crews and factions which burrow models from the other. My Outcast faction is pretty varied in colour with only the Friekorps sharing a colour scheme, but all of the models have a similiar basing. The Leveticus crew regular burrows models from my Resurrectionist faction so across both factions I'm using bases to tie them all together. My basing of choice is the Dragonforge Cobblestone and Urban Rubble range.
  14. Or you could use my idea of having blank counters that you can mark as you need them.
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