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Mei Feng crew


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I am ready to purchase my first crew and I have found a painted Mei Feng crew in reasonable price.

What do you think about this list:

Mei Feng box content + Rail golem + fire gamins

I don't want to play on tournaments just playing with my buddies. Would this crew work together?

What should be the first purchases to expand?

Will it work fine against any other faction and crew?

Thanks for the answers,


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Perfectly reasonable first crew. Mei Feng is a little tricky once you start applying upgrades, but her base card is very fun, and has really good synergy with her crew and the Rail Golem. Fire Gamin aren't 100% optimal, but they do set things on fire, which helps Mei deal more damage. I would prefer Metal Gamin over Fire, but over all, a good crew, with some options.


As for how much to spend on first purchases, just models, $50-75 is a good starting range to get yourself a little flexibility.


It will work "fine" against any other faction or crews, but it will have weaknesses. No one crew can take all comers in Malifaux. This crew will have some trouble holding ground (though Bleeding Edge Tech on the Rail Golem can help with that), and anything that can crack armor can ruin your day. You will have a tremendous damage output between Mei, the Golem, and Kang, plus Kang's ability to buff Rail Workers (who are solid, if slightly squishy, all-around Minions).

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You shoud also try The Captain from wave 2. His Relict Hammer, agility, the upgrates that gives him casting expert and counterspell (ironside OR henchman) are quiet useful.

The Soulstone Miner with "surprise from below" would give you the abilitiy to asassinate an unit with strong ranged attacks wich will mabye make much trouble.

Both are only hireable as Acranists, but this is what you can try with the rail crew.

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Thank you for the responses. Sounds interesting playing with Mei.

I have noticed an other crew on the same price also painted. Which would be better as a starting crew? And which would be better as an ordinary opponent. I have to think for the crews of my buddies also :)

So the above described Mei Feng box, Rail Golem, 3 fire gamins


Lynch, Hungering Darkness, 3 Illuminated, 3 Depleted, 2 Beckoner, Graves, Tannen

Any thoughts?

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My suggestion would be if you're going to buy Fire Gamin, consider paying that bit more to get the Kaeris box set. 


First, it gives you a second option master, with a different playstyle (ranged vs melee).

Second, it gives you a pair of Gunsmiths, which can work well with Mei.

Third, the two crews have fairly decent cross integration, giving you a larger access pool.

Fourth, it gives you a pair of Gunsmiths. Yes, I know this is repeated. But it's worth repeating.


Then, if you later want to expand, a Ramos Box gets you all three primary concepts (ranged, melee, support), all with cross integration, without breaking the bank. Of the six Factions I play, my Arcanists (Razzie/Rammie/Kae/Mae) definitely feels like the best pooled group. Most other factions tend to be "Leader + their followers" with a little additional support.

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My suggestion would be if you're going to buy Fire Gamin, consider paying that bit more to get the Kaeris box set. 


with how master boxes are going (including a henchmen or enforcer and the totem) you might want to wait on that because they may not be sold separately but otherwise it is a great box.  Other useful arcs are the mobile tool kit (buffs constructs), willy and the soul stone minor.  I love the Large Steam Spider but he is a pain to assemble so I would wait on him.

Also sense you are going arcs (have to if you are taking fire gamin) you might want to post it there.


Ten thunder wise torakaga are good with schemes, oirans are great to bring people towards you (if Kang is nearby they get a + flip vs undead and constructs) and Toshiro with Komainu are a great combo.

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