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Modular Swamp Board finished


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I planned this build out about two years ago, but only got round to actually making it 6 weeks ago. The material cost was fairly low, although the biggest cost by far was the Envirotex Lite.

It got a test drive at the Brave New World M2E event yesterday, and the people who played on it seemed to enjoy it.

Each piece can be moved around to provide many different configurations. One of the issues with fixed boards is that with time players get bored with the layout, so I wanted to address that here. Not only can the layout be altered but I left lots of open and relatively flat areas forlarge or small terrain pieces to be added. The cliffs, the jetty and the tree stumps in the water are fixed, but everything else can be moved around.

Here are some more pics, then some WIP pics.







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Applying the player, sand and paint mix:




For the fixed rock outcrop/ cliff I prepared this area in the base board:


Then made this and glued it on top:



Painted and dry brushed. I added some sand to the paint for texture:


While adding the plaster mix,I added the tree trunks to the water areas and some rocks, branches and a sinking wall.


I painted the board with an airbrush, using lots of different earth colours, rusts and greens, and making sure the water areas graduated to a dark brown at the bottom:




Then I added the Woodland Scenics, using their YouTube videos for a guide, working from fine up to coarse materials, and ensuring some of the ground showed through:


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After that, I added some leaf litter and some leaves, as well as some cut up aquarium plants and bunches of reeds:


Then it was time to pour the Envirotex Lite. I had to secure wooden dams around each piece to hold the resin in. I put clear packing tape on the wood, because the glue I will use and the resin won't stick to it. I also marked a scale on each piece so I could ensure each of the four base boards had the same depth of resin on it when I was done:


The boards were then attached with screws into the MDF base boards:


The joins between the wooden dams and the base boards had to be sealed with two part epoxy glue:


Then it was on with the pouring, a seal coat to begin with and then building up the layers about 5mm at a time, leaving them to cure and harden over night:


Got to keep dust and debrisfoff while the Envirotex sets up, although this is more important for the last layer only, since bits floating in a swamp looks normal:


I learned to stand the Envirotex Lite bottles in warm water before mixing, as this ensures no bubbles even in a 5mm deep pour. I found that adding ink encouraged bubbles and did not tint well. There might be some proper tints I should have been using, and I will need to look into that. In the end I just left the water clear.

In all this table used 1/2 gallon (US) of Envirotex Lite =-O

The wooden dams came away easily, and then it was just a case of finishing touches, adding tufts and flowers and ivy and larger bushes around the water's edge.

And then I got two games on it at the tourney yesterday :-)



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