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My first malifaux model ever: Seamus.


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oh is this plastic seamus?

i must ask what else you paint if this is your first model painted. it looks like you have amazing brush control.

i really like your paint scheme, even if i plan to one day do it completely differently. i'm gonna go for an adult sized lepreachaun who has had a psychotic break.

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Thanks for all of the generous compliments!

I'm going for a darker, realistic approach while staying characterful. I really like how he turned out.

nagash13, yes, this is the new Seamus from the crew boxed set.

I'll upload more pictures as I finish the crew.

I used to paint some warhammer/40k stuff. But I haven't painted anything for a long long time. this may sounds nuts, but I was completely closed off to any and all tabletop "wargaming" besides the GW stuff. I have since started playing Infinty, and of course, Malifaux. The "Lure" of Seamus' crew is what drew me in. I'm completely hooked. I even got the wife to play! She loves the card mechanic, and frankly, so do I.

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doesnt sound crazy at all. I have been a whore to GW since i started in 97. my army ADHD has led me to a point where i own 2.5 fantasy armies(sold half my orcs/gobbos) and for 40k 8.25 armies(blood angels, dark angels, IG, orks, necrons, nids, demons, chaos marines and just enough tau to be an allied attachment)

I only found wyrd when i got the puppet wars unstitched box. i must say i troll the modeling and painting part of the forums, and the community is much better than any GW forum.

so welcome back to gaming and keep posting your work.

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