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Model Release Dates?


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Hey guys.

I was just wondering has there been any news about any dates for future plastic releases?

It feels like forever since Gencon and I wasn't particularly thrilled by what was on offer there.

I know its great they are taking time and making sure the releases are done correctly, but I'm just curious when we can expect anything new.


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Well we know that the Lady Justice and Seamus Starters are coming out very soon (marked as September), the Raspy and Lilith starters are coming in October and the Viks starter is coming in November. There's also a few minion sets from those 5 starters (Death Marshalls etc) coming out by December, but anything beyond that is anyone's guess.

In one of the interviews Mack said that they (Wyrd) are aiming to get the Brewmaster Starter out as soon as possible after Gencon, although how soon that actually is is anyone's guess. Also the Tara Starter is unlikely to be coming out before the end of next year IIRC.

There's also the Wave 2 Arsenal Decks, which should be out near the beginning of next year.

Beyond that, we've got no other information as to what else (if anything) is coming out for Malifaux this year, let alone what's on the horizon for next year. Your guess is as good as mine, basically. :)


Personally, I'm hanging out for the new Pandora starter. Two Pandy crews isn't enough. :D

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What you're saying is that my wallet is safe for a good, long while, then.

Things that would make my wallet cringe, though, would be:

Brewmaster & Co., eventually,


the new 10T models, like the Samurai and maybe Fuhatsu,

New Teddy (and maybe that missing Teddy version from book 1.3),

Ulix & Co., eventually, after wave 2 is finalized,

And a few other random models like the Steamtrunk.

So, for now, I think my wallet is safe until next Gencon.

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