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Dead Heat, Terraclips and sewer fight!

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Arcanist territory shrinking so drastically, the rebellious lot has decided to take on the slums, only to be confronted they thought, by some puny hired swords...

The rain being torrential the Arcanists decided to launch their attack via the sewer network underneath Little Kingdom's slums, a well protected and valuable area.

Marcus decided to take the lead hearing the Viks were gathering the defense, for a bloody shared Turf War. The plan was simple: reach the other side of the slums, incite a Primal Reaction on a couple of minions and slaughter them, and Stake a Claim on a cache of soulstones hidden in a pile of wood deep in Outcast territory according to their informant. The Viks's response was to fight fire with fire and show they could too Breakthrough enemy lines and Stake a Claim on a well on the Arcanist border which allowed access into the slums.

The Viks had gathered 3 Ronins, Taelor and a Librarian to help their defense, while benefiting from 2 soulstone extra thanks to being in their territory.

Marcus had secured the help of Bishop, the Mechanical Rider, Jackalope, 2 Night Terrors and 2 Molemen.

This would be a tough fight...

Marcus arrives, they must keep hold of the well…


Facing the Viks, who ensure the soulstone bag is well hidden in the wood pile


All the crew member slowly advance towards the center of the sewer. Marcus considers using his transposing skills to appear in a nearby alleyway to strike the Librarian…


But the Librarian decides to go for the beast, which in Defending Stance manages to escape death


Marcus being weary of a turn 3 counter-attack to his ploy and wishing to preserve his important Night Terror orders it to fly back into safety


Within the sewer, Ronins are advancing and The Mechanical Rider hides in hope of intercepting one of them while Bishop tempts them…


Turn 3, the Viks thirst for blood is too strong, and Sword Vik launches a charge at the Rider and kills it in 2 strikes, with no one but Bishop to counter charge. SANY0009-2.jpg

Bishop decides to go after a Ronin; better a minion dead than a wounded Master; he rushes across the sewer thinking he would thus reach safety…


Taelor sees the attack, and knowing Bishop from old knows she must intercept him. She goes for the wrestler only to hit a brick wall!


Turn 4 the Viks realize the Bishop threat is too important and Gun Vik decides to relocate her sister in battle closer to the dangerous man. After two strikes he fell to the floor holding his bleeding guts.


A Ronin thinks it is time to go for the well, but Marcus takes this moment to snipe out the lone minion, but he already fears his scattered crew won’t suffice to fulfill the attack…


Taelor returns, hoping to kill a Terror but fails to punish the beast


When a minion can’t do the job, you have to do it yourself! Marcus being stranded far away, the Viks go at the beasts which were heading for the Outcast deployment zone, finishing the Terror, and in a Swirling strike bring the Moleman to its little knees


Marcus sneaks through the sewer corridors, hoping to surprise the Librarian… The torrential rain has swelled the sewer stream and after finding a safe area to cross and charge the Freikorps Marcus goes for it… But tragedy, his foot loses grip and his staff falls only so softly on his opponent inflicting no damage! He feels the curse of the black joker heavy upon his head.


On turn 5 it is all or nothing Marcus decides to try and stop the Viks himself and goes for Gun Vik, with not much in his hand… 4 Wounds is all he does, it’s just not enough…


The Viks are stern and unmoved at the assault, and go on to the finish line, the Arcanists must be stopped. Taelor is ordered to protect their advance which she happily indulges into


She has no fear, neither does he, this is a fight to the death, but Marcus survives the attack…


… only to lose initiative and get stomped on the final turn. “You stay down!!” she spat as she buried his head into the ground


Great game, in the end great loss, the Arcanists suffered to be so thinly spread out and failed to fulfill their mission.

The slums of Little Kingdom are safe for one more day…

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Great report, and I love the Sewer setup. Might have to try something similar.

Me too, Im wondering two things: 1) is that just one terra clips box of sewer and one box of clips? If so, how large of an area were you able to build? Is it 3' x 3'? And 2) where did you get those wells and crates and stuff? Does that come in the box with the sewers?

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