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Iron Heel: Kaeris Crew

Iron Heel

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UPDATE 6/13/12

Iggy joins the crew!

Despite the fact that he is out-of-faction, I opted to go with the same scheme and keep the visual theme.


UPDATE 4/12: Kaeris done!

I was compelled to do the hand flames because her hands were a bit miscast with really short ugly fingers. Overall, I am pretty pleased with the end result.


The base flames are from a Wyrd fire basing set; notice the burned grass.

I am not as happy with this as the fire on the gamin, but after working and reworking it I opted to just decide it was done.


UPDATE 4/7; WIP Kaeris:


Hello All,

This is the beginning of my first Malifaux crew. The gunsmith proxy is a PP figure from their IK-RPG line; her skin/hair was inspired by Daenerys in GoT.

I don't usually go for thematic & unified color schemes, but I figured I would try it out with this crew...basically, I am sticking to warm colors with some Earth tones mixed in. This was my first time painting fire ever...I think that they turned out pretty well.






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Never seen a red scheme used on Kaeris and I think you pulled it off very well :D

Hate the female gunsmith model with a passion, but love the proxy and the fact you have a crew thats all girls is very cool for theme :) Let me know if you dont want the male gunsmith, I'll definitely make an offer if you're in the UK.

I like the skin of the gamin, but not the fire :/ You did what eavy metal used to do on all the games workshop models with fire on, which was to highlight the opposite way with a darker colour on top. I just dont like it very much, but thats my opinion, and your technique is good either way :)

Keep it up, I'd love to see more.

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Thanks for the compliments. I am pretty happy with them thus far.

I picked up the "reverse highlighting" idea by looking at the studio painted gamin.

I've got the male g-smith ready for colors, but once K is done, I'm going to shift time over to my "wicked carnival" Zoraida/Collodi list...with killer kl0wn Killjoy!

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Nicely done! I dig the eyes on the Fire Gamin; you made them look quite devilish. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the bright red/earth tone color scheme (sort of the opposite of the "black ops" idea I've got for my own eventual Kaeris crew), but you did a good job with it. IIRC, that Gunsmith stand-in is an old Privateer Press model, some Ordic Pistoleer, right?

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Yes she is from their IKRPG line. I got her at a flea market just because I always liked the model. I am glad to find a use for her.

I usually go for dark & muted tones, but iwanted to push myself and brighten a bit.

Afterall, fire is not really a subtle weapon anyway. ;-)

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