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  1. Hey everyone (long time to see....) I was hoping someone out there may have an old McMourning avatar Simulacrum 29 they would be willing to part with. I'm in the US so probably best to look here to save on shipping, but if the price works out i'm not picky. I do have some gremlins i could trade if you're interested, but of course i have paypal as well. Let me know!!
  2. Oh I can use as many colors as I'd like, but the idea is to not stray into orange or pinks. So while I can have transitions and all that, but they don't want it to go too far away from red. Great tip on the bone color, I would assume the yellow in that is just enough to keep it from going pink? Sounds like it would work. After some trial and error, I am thinking the best way to handle this with such a limited palette is to fade from bright red to nearly black at the tips. Anything else is going to end up out of bounds.
  3. Hello all, just a quick question really about painting with reds. I am working on a crew currently and have been tasked with giving the death marshals red flames. There is no other colors in the crew. Greyscales, with red flames. Nice and easy. Until I thought about it for a second. I was hoping to see if anyone here had tips for keeping the flames red, no oranges or yellows like proper fire, but how to also avoid making it pink. I've done a few Google searches, but that seems to either turn up professional canvas painting in a million different colors, or flame decals on cars. So if anyone has any tips or even pictures, I would be very appreciative. Thank you in advance!
  4. Hey hey hey, I have a question about the clear translucent bases. I have not seen one of them in person, but I had a thought. I am looking to make ocean-like bases and I was wondering, if I were to use a thin paint or something, how well would that show through and could it still look clear? I'm currently using the translucent blue bases, but I thought with the clear I might be able to get a better ocean teal look. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for the help! I checked out greenstuffworld, only issue there was they are in Spain and I'm in the US. However they DO have an Ebay page, i'll probably just buy them there to be honest. Here is the link incase anyone else comes looking for them as they seem to be out of stock indefinitely everywhere else I looked. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Leaf-Litter-Natural-Leaves-Basing-Leaf-scatter-material-Scenery-Warhammer-/281810049777 I found a few old listings on amazon and ebay from Secret Weapon and their little bags of these seed things, but it didn't show anything about how long they had been out of stock, and secret weapon doesn't have them anywhere on their actual site, so I'm guessing they haven't shipped these in a good while. I suppose I could be less lazy and make them myself (thanks for that guide btw) but I'm not sure they grow here in Indiana. I swear I've seen the pods before, but I'm not certain. I'll keep an eye out for a few days, then probably just buy them from ebay. it's less than 20 bucks after shipping and all that good stuff. anyway, thanks for the help! EDIT... also.. this was my 1000th post! YAY
  6. Hey everyone, I'm working on my wife's Neverborn crew and I had the idea of an autumn/stone scape basing. I remember on these forums years ago there was a guy selling tiny little leaves, looked like maple leaves, in all shades of autumn colors for scattering on bases. They looked great. If I remember right he was dying seeds from some other plant that were just about the right size/shape. So I spent a couple hours looking for the post I originally saw, but that thread seems to have been archived and I cannot find it. I did try making my own by cutting up paper and that did not work out very well. they were too flat and didn't look quite right to me. I have seen them pop up (or something similar at least) in various places on the interwebs, but I have never been able to find where people are getting them now. Do any of you have something along the lines of scatter leaves for bases or any idea where I can get them? Any help would be appreciated!!! An example of what I'm talking about is on the old metal sculpt of the black blood shaman. EDIT: Okay, I found a DIY article that says Birch seeds are what I was thinking of. They look amazing... still not sure how to go about getting them though. lol.
  7. Thank you everyone who came out! You folks made my first ever tournament a whole lot of fun and I really appreciate it!!!!
  8. The game is tomorrow! I hope you are all as excited as I am!
  9. Hey guys, we're getting down to the wire but there is still time to sign up. looks like we'll have more than 10 players, think we can get to 20? XD It would be really helpful to have everyone sign up in the same spot, so the store posted a facebook event. so if you wouldn't mind heading over to https://www.facebook.com/events/597961643705733/ and click 'attending' that way I can make sure we have enough tables set up! I'm really looking forward to this! XD
  10. Glad to hear it! The more the merrier. Sounds like we have between 8 and 10 folks showing up now! Yay! Just a friendly reminder (to my own group as well) if you plan on attending, please let me know so I know how many tables to set up!
  11. Just a friendly Bump, in case someone missed this! XD
  12. Hello everyone! I am super excited to announce our first tournament at Saltire Games on Saturday April 9th at 1pm. The event will be at Saltire Games 11723 Pendleton Pike Indianapolis, IN 46236-3909 (317)823-1645 It will be 50ss fixed faction games, using the schemes and strats from the new Gaining Grounds 2016! You are allowed to use any 2.0 models that you have the cards for. Proxies are alright as long as you have them approved and still have the correct stat cards. Painted models are not required, but there will be a "best painted" award and I encourage everyone to get painting! Please leave a comment below and let me know if you plan on attending that way I can make sure we have enough prizes. And oh yes.... There will be prizes!
  13. I painted up a commission of Jack's crew for someone. he wanted a silent hill type color scheme, and on swampy bases. Ended up putting them about ankle deep in water with bits of trees coming out. I can't remember what company made the bases, but it was one of the big ones that make the deep resin bases. They turned out really good (if I may say so) and I think the swampy fit the darkness of the sculpts.
  14. Special thank you to everyone who participated in the league. It was truly a learning experience for me as I hadn't done any kind of organized event like this. I learned a lot, and had a great time. And from what I could tell, everyone had fun. Wow... what a long time 14 weeks ends up being... playing through to November 28th didn't sound so bad back in August... but now that feels like forever ago. Thought I would share a couple highlights, and if I leave any out, please feel free to post them! * Matt flipping 2 black jokers in the same turn.. * Kirai v Hamlin. There was easily twice the number of models on the table at the end of turn two then at the start. That game would never have ended if they didn't call it. x.x what was it? 5 hours to get to turn 3? * Learning Candy's paralyze aura by activating Brewmaster first... * Sensei Yu and all Sensei Yu related shenanigans * Kaeris' Drag and Drop upgrade later became infamous... but the first time it was used was utterly terrifying. * Nothing beast killed lynch at the start of Turn 2, then Huggy killed Tara. Doesn't sound like much, but it started our league's most brutal grudge!
  15. Only one week of games left! just about to finish up the Nythera event as well! Hopefully all of you have been having fun. We have some fantastic prizes donated by some great folks.
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