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Found 16 results

  1. From the album: My Painted... Stuff.

    I like how he turned out... only sliiightly better than his female counterpart.
  2. The Gunsmith locked eyes with her opponent, across the barrels of her smoking pistols. "How are you still alive? I've killed nephilim with worse shots!" Tara smirked, glancing at the hole in her chest. "Well, my dear.. It seems I'm Better Off (un)Dead" ;D
  3. Views of the Gunsmith front, back and the two sides. Hard to see details of the heart tattoo on her tummy and the tally markers on her left arm unless zooming in. Made the base using good old green-stuff. All the best, Ade
  4. Based on the art of their cards, I am really looking forward to the plastic Gunsmiths when they come out, but I do really enjoy the dynamic pose of this metal Gunsmith I just finished painting. As always, I have a few more angles of this model over on my blog, so check it out!
  5. I'm looking to fill out some of my missing pieces from different crews. I live in Australia so please factor that into any decisions made before offering to sell models. I am willing to purchase Kaeris and Mei Feng Box Sets.
  6. From the album: Kaeris and Gunsmiths

    This one, and the male Gunsmith, were painted with dark skin and white hair to try and tie them together on a familial level. A father and daughter team, of sorts.
  7. From the album: Kaeris and Gunsmiths

    This one, and the female Gunsmith, were painted with dark skin and white hair to try and tie them together on a familial level. A father and daughter team, of sorts.
  8. This is my first Wyrd Miniature! Dont mind the broken Blade on the right pistol.
  9. g'day all, I'm a new player and new to forums in general so please forgive me if this thread contravenes some format rules. I have been recently pondering the potential of the gunsmith's leadstorm spell in conjunction with nurse in a lillith+zoraida brawl. In theory it would work something like this step 1 nurse preps gunsmith with massive dose: speed step 2 lillith transpositions gunsmith into midst of opposing crew step 3 gunsmith casts leadstorm step 4 gunsmith reactivates and casts leadstorm so 8 dmg in a 6" pulse with no resist flips, any thoughts?
  10. UPDATE 6/13/12 Iggy joins the crew! Despite the fact that he is out-of-faction, I opted to go with the same scheme and keep the visual theme. UPDATE 4/12: Kaeris done! I was compelled to do the hand flames because her hands were a bit miscast with really short ugly fingers. Overall, I am pretty pleased with the end result. The base flames are from a Wyrd fire basing set; notice the burned grass. I am not as happy with this as the fire on the gamin, but after working and reworking it I opted to just decide it was done. UPDATE 4/7; WIP Kaeris: Hello All, This is the beginning of my first Malifaux crew. The gunsmith proxy is a PP figure from their IK-RPG line; her skin/hair was inspired by Daenerys in GoT. I don't usually go for thematic & unified color schemes, but I figured I would try it out with this crew...basically, I am sticking to warm colors with some Earth tones mixed in. This was my first time painting fire ever...I think that they turned out pretty well.
  11. Did anyone else look at that mini and just wanna cry? It looks to me like a cross between Harry Potter and a monkey. Here is my attempt at green-stuffing her to look a little less... that.
  12. First post here at the forum and first Wyrd-mini painted ever. Lovely sculp and cool stance. Havent figured out the base yet. Comments/tips welcome.
  13. Hi guys i'm really new to this game and started with playing marcus is the gunsmith a good choice for some ranged firepower or are there an better options?:paralyzedpuppet
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