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Another 35 point dreamer list.


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I realize there's a few of these floating around, and I'm not sure where, if anywhere, these crew lists should be going. If its in the wrong place, I apologize. Anyways, onto the list

The Dreamer/LCB

- Daydreams x3 6pts

- Coppelius 9pts

- Stitched together x2 10pts

- Night Terrors x 2 6pts

- Wicked Doll 3pts

SS cache - 6

I understand the love for the twins, but I myself don't share it. I'd rather take Coppelius and a few alps. I like to look and flavor of them better(which I dont have quite in the list yet, figured I'd see how it worked to summon them). The wicked doll I have had decent luck with, taking it as a healing battery for a stitched.

So far it seems like a solid list for me. The daydreams and stitched are fairly common. Night terrors for objective grabbing and a doll to help keep things going. Plus Coppelius as a mix of support and damage. Any constructive criticism would be helpful, thanks!

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I understand the love for the twins, but I myself don't share it. I'd rather take Coppelius and a few alps.

Interestingly enough, I found that Coppelius works relatively well in a dreamer crew with the twins - just attack lelu twice on your first turn, cheating crows in to get the trigger: hurray for 2 free eyes! Lelu takes two poison damage on activation and ends up two wounds down at the end of turn plus another wound next turn, but he can heal that right back up, and here you are with the beginning of an Alp factory/Neverborn healing machine!

Considering they collectively cost 23 SS, this is more interesting in 45-50SS games, but I must say I like the mechanics of it.

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Thanks for the input with the factory idea lol. And yeah, maybe not the most optimal list, but its for a story campaign where I'm either first of second (waiting on the polls to come in and the final game to see if Neverborn pulls ahead of Arcanists :D) of a strong lead with Zorida and Collodi. So they expect dolls and I've grown attached to them.

My other idea is to run the same list, but instead of the night terrors and wicked doll, taking Collodi and a marrionette. Use Collodi to fill a stitched with stones, cast casting expert on one of them, bury stitch and use him as a body guard for the dreamer. then use collodi to scavange, and make a doll. by turn 4 he can run around and do objectives. while the first 3 turns are LCB and crew eating face.

But yes, either leave the stitched out for a turn, bury the wicked. Move him up and unbury and hide. Or just dash up as quickly as possible. 20inchs in two turns on a 36inch (16 really if both teams are at their border of the deployment zone) isnt gonna leave hiim to lacking. It just depends on the terrain set up and strategies. like everything else. lol

Thats my thought process anyway. :)

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Lol, well that may be true. But I don't have many models. What would I expand with? If the twins are a MUST take I guess I could, but... meh. They're pretty popular where I play and I got bored enough watching everyone and their dog use Jhohon. Im thinking this time around its going to be the twins.

And I guess asking what to expand with is a bad way to word it and is covered in another topic, but what plays to the dreamers strengths (thats a better way to word it)? Beyond nightmares and big heavy eat-y things, I cant think of much.

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