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New Malifaux player


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Hello everyone. I'm actually quite new to the Malifaux universe. I played Warmachine for about two years but had to take time off due to work, family, and other priorities. I saw the rule book in a local game store and was instantly hooked. So if you are in the Dayton, Ohio area and are looking for an opponent look me up.

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Welcome to Malifaux, just watch out for those Guild bullies, they'll steal your sweets if you're not careful! oh, and always carry cookies to stop the Teddies from eating you :D

Neverborn and Arcanists are good fun and have a good variation in how crews play and models. I also support what others have said in going for models youlike the look of, nothing worse than playing with models that you regard as ugly (the main reason I've never played as Gremlins, I just cannot stand the models (except Ophelia's)).

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