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Hoffman additions


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His totem is intresting to birng but not a must have, here is what I own as a hoffman player

His boxset


Soul stone minner

Mechanical attendant (or as I like to call him mini ryle)



Spider swarm and 3 small ones

3 Wardens I use proxy models http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=28000

an extra wather

an extra guardian

Though out of what you own what I would really think to get is Ryle, something to proxy up to 3 wardens and the totem.

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I've heard people getting good use from the Mechanical Rider for Hoffman and seen quite a few mentions on the forums of Nino, Santiago and Francisco... otherwise i think the lists above seem pretty solid

Have also locally seen Hoffman bring a pair of Ronin for anti-armour that worked very nicely

I think as long as you have a core of constructs for Hoffman i don't think you can really go that wrong

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