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Can moving be interrupted by actions?


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on page 14 of the main rules it says, " puppet may move twice (1 space each time), perform one action and any available free actions in any order."

Is the movement portion of these options an encapsulated action, or can they be split between them?

In other words, is the following legal:

my puppets move one square

performs attack action (ripping apart enemy puppet)

moves one square again

then does a free allowed action?

or must I:

Move one square

perform attack action

do free action, now unable to move again because I already have....

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It's two Movements and one action. These can be taken in any order.

So if I had Lady Justice I could

  • peform Elite Combat Training to give me a buff. (fast action)
  • walk forward 1 hex towards a Nurse.
  • Hit the Nurse killing it.
  • walk back to where I started.
  • Use Eyes wide shut (due to multitaker I get a second action) to move the Powerful +1 counter onto one of my austringers.

If I had failed to kill the Nurse, I couldn't make the second move as I would be blocked by moving next to the Nurse. If I for some reason had sprint on Lady J I could spit the 3 movements any way I liked. So I could [Fast Action, Move, Move, Action, Move, Multitasker Action] or [Move, Move. Fast Action, Action, Multitaker Action, Move] or any other order I wanted.

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The Rat knows his stuff! Doesn't matter if you have 1 Movement or 2 or 3 Movement, you can split them up however you want, performing action(s) between them within the limits. So you could do the following say if your puppet had Sprint:

  1. Move 1
  2. Action
  3. Move 1
  4. Free Action
  5. Move 1
  6. Free Action

etc etc

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Strictly speaking karn, with movement 1 you can't split your movement (though I can split hairs)!

*gets a big rock* >.>

@Omen: Yup! A Puppet with Short Legs can still make a Run action.

Run (0): Rg: Self, Effect: Move this Puppet 1 Space. This is the only Action this Puppet may make during this Animation. This Action may not be used by a Puppet with the Sprint or Stuck Effects.

Short Legs:

ShortLegPuppet.png A Puppet may move one less time during its Animation.

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