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Malifaux odds and ends!


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Hey all. I have some spares and doubles that I am looking to move on as I have too much stuff basically lol. Really need to cut down on my Malifaux so I can do other more pressing projects.

All models new either in blister or box or have been cleaned and undercoated at most


Nightmare Justice

Justice boxed set

Alt Lady J

Lucius boxed set

additional female guild guard



Drill Sgt

Bald Austringer

Nino Ortega

Guild faction deck


Nightmare Teddy

Zoriada box

Alt Zoriada

Collodi boxed set

Pandora`s box



Stitched together

Lilith boxed set

Resurrectionists :

Alternative Seamus

Avatar Seamus

Hanged x2

Dead Rider

Bete Noir

The drowned


3 Crooligans

Necrotic Machine

1 canine remain

Mindless Zombies x6

Resurrectionists faction deck


Leveticus boxed set

2 blisters of hollow waif`s

Desolation engine

Miss Demeanour

Friekorps Librarian

Male convvict gunslinger

Looking for:

Sonnia crew- Any

Colette crew- Any

Ramos crew- Electrical creation, Mobile toolkit, Arachnid swarms, LSP arachnid, Alt ramos, Avatar Ramos, Brass Arachnid, Steamborg executioner.

Marcus crew- Avatar Marcus, Myranda, jackalope, Molemen, Razorspine rattler,

Also need essence of power, avatar Rasputina or cold hard cash

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Sorry if I'm way off base here, but I believe this member is bleeding through using another username. The list of items for trade is remarkably similar to an earlier thread:


Except that it includes items he told me were shipped to me months ago.

Add in other similarities (delays, not answering PMs, posting and being banned yet again from warseer) and the evidence starts to mount.

I'd pass on this thread, forumites.

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