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Just a place where I can display my painting talent or lack thereof. ;)

Last summer my wife and I took some painting classes at Gen Con and they mostly were really good. Not trying to be a fanboy but the best was easily the one taught by Wyrd's Jessica Rich on blending (my wife is fairly sure it was her, if not I apologize).

I haven’t really painted and haven’t put them to use when I did :( . But with my renewed interest in painting I decided to tackle Rasputina's Ice Golem.

Well, I thought with all the angles this model has to offer it would be a nice beginning place to try shadowing and highlighting...wrong this was actually much harder than I first thought and much more difficult than allot of other models I’ve done. I’m not really sure why, upon reflection I think it was those same angles...?

The pic was after hours of shading and highlighting attempts, which after a frustrated break turned out not half bad (I think anyways). I will post the finished product hopefully this week with more to come.

(Can't seem to upload the images for some reason, I don't really think posting a link to my Warseer Plog is right either....sorry for the extra large pic. I will try and rectify this for the future).

Comments welcome.


Ok so I will be adding crew shots to my main page and updating them as they grow.

(should have reserved 2nd post for this... need a TARDIS)


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Comments welcome.


The ice golem painting you are atempting should be viewed similar to Non Metallic Metals (NMM). This is due to the angles of reflected light.

Also, if you wish to make the raised edges 'pop', you should carefully paint some darker inks or washes directly into the recesses, avoiding the raised edges.

GW Asurmen Blue or even Badab Black would be good for this. If you were giving the ice a different colouration (Ie. Purple or Green) the related washes would work for this also.

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Thank you so much for all the kind replies and critiques.

I added the eyes and am doing the base and think I will leave it as is, anymore and I might mess it up. I will have pictures up of the finished product in a day or 2.

As for the bright/darkness of the model; it is slightly darker in real life as I had to use a subdued flash as daylight was gone by the time it was done.

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I actually didnt mean to make it less bright, but to define his body by some kind of out/darklining.

This was also my intention, at present there is not enough definition and the paintscheme is 'flat' with the highlights and base colours too close together... and very little shading, if any at all.

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Here are the updated and finished pictures I promised.

There is shadowing under the highlights just not very drastic as I don’t like that stark contrast style some people do. But this is also currently the limit of my painting skill (for now ;) )

The matt varnish came off slightly glossy in the elevated shot for some odd reason.

Well that’s all for now. [Click on attachements to see bigger view]

More to come.





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Well took a little longer to get the gamins finished but here they are (for better or for worse).

I’m kinda neutral bout the way they turned out, neither thrilled nor disappointed... which I guess is better than needing to dip.

Next up is my very rough WiP Silurid and Wendigo. Then Rasp and the Hag, no firm time frame yet however.




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they look good , I would do something with the claws maybe bring them up to a bleached bone .

Ya i noticed that after i posted and seen the close up, their sealed now...will remeber and bring it up for the silurid

The "glossy" matte varnish is due to too much being used.

I don't think thats the case, Ive been sealing things for years and its not glossy in real life or in any pictures i take now or other minis...maybe a trick of the light. Either way all that matters is it isn't glossy now :)

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  • 2 months later...

Well sorry for the long delay between posts, was hoping for a more regular plog but alas the one thing that never changes is my procrastipainting. :P:

I was trying to get my Rasputina crew done up for Malifaux's story encounters @ Gen Con (which was great !), but failed by one model; the ice witch herself; so... ya...:(

Lots of stuff took up my time but I decided I didn’t want the traditional Siberian tiger; I was going for a wolf theme (course now there is the blessed of December coming:D), which meant trying to sculpt. Anyone who knows me will be able to state this isn’t a good idea. I have to stick my tongue out just to colour within the lines lol.

But all in all it didn’t turn out so bad. I know I could have done more with it but I was under the time limit for leaving for our 13 hr ride to Gen Con.

I’m hoping for a painting spree in the next few weeks so look for more updates (I hope) as well as objectives for Malifaux Strategies.




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@ osio: Thx, got the inspiration from the Hoarcats

Well here is Rasputina’s Essence of Power totem.

My wife bought us a magnifying lamp recently and I was so excited to try it that I grab this mini and went to work. Believe it or not I have about 6 to 8 tones of flesh on this mini... I was a little taken a back when I removed it from the magnifying lamp’s PoV and looked with my naked eye in sunlight that you can hardly tell (and I was so proud L ).

Oh well. Not sure about how the gem turned out, tried to get that white gleam on the top corner and gloss paint on sealer on it but...





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Here are my ice pillars, pretty happy with how they turned out considering they’re just dowels. But the plastic light up ones for sale that “LoboStele” did are just fantastic.

One request from people reading this plog; my wife recently started Criid (she loved the avatar so much lol) and we were wondering how people have/are doing her flame pillars?:confusedpuppet1


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  • 5 months later...

Well a new post for a new year; very belated happy 2012 everyone.


Been gone from the forum for a while and want to get back to it.


Starting to paint these upcoming weeks and will post but I thought I'd do a few posts of my painting table (finally finished) and my couple cool Christmas gifts.

More to follow this evening if I can get my camera to cooperate.

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