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How do I make rats charge?

Pink Horror

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Giving them Fast would allow them to Charge aswell.

Finding a way to do so might be a bit difficult though, currently I think the only option is the Student of Conflict, which I believe to be an inferior totem to the Wretch.. However we might see something in the future :)

Technically Hex'ing off their Slow would work aswell.. ...

Soeh, to answer your question. Currently it seems like it's just there for the 'rare instances', don't know if they've planned a model for the future to let them Charge more easily.

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ACME Rockets on their back?


Yeah, making rats charge is very iffy. You can only obey 1 at a time, and you run the risk of the rest of the swarm being out of range to do (0) Writhing Mass. Rats are great, but having 1 rat missile hit something without support really isn't going to accomplish much, lol.

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