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notsoevil in the hiz-ouse


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I think I already know a few people on the forums here from other wargames.

Glad to be playing Malifaux. Just started up with the Seamus box and have played a couple times. Looking forward to some fun matches in the next couple of weeks.

Happy to finally have a true skirmish game to play and of course the card mechanic is quite unique and fun.

Be seein' y'all around!

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Oh snaps, it just got real. Damn, some names I haven't seen in SO long. Cheers, all. ;)

Now to play some more Malifaux before I start blabbing more on the forum. Playing tomorrow (today?) on Easter actually, after we get stuffed on good food. Lexington and I will be playing -- I'm sure he'll be joining the forums here some time soon as well.

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