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More showgirl questions


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I keep playing them and I keep getting confused lol.


I noticed Cassandra’s ability “Southern Charm” does not say until the end of the turn. Does that mean I only have to use the ability once and it’s good for the entire game?

I ask because some of the other figures also have abilities where they do not specify when and where the power would end.


Colette has slow to die, can she use her last action from it to cast “Death Defying” to heal herself and keep her in the game?

Thanks in advance.

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If you look at the Rules Manuals entry for Slow to Die it now has a line that says

If the model is heals 1 or more Wd while resolving the Action, it is nor killed and remains in play.

note this does not protect you from effects that kill you outright like Headshots.

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