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Gremlin taxidermist.... Whaa?


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Its been a little quiet on the bayou over on Som'er's end, I was just curious about the taxidermist, and want some advice from people who've run him with Som'er.

What do you find useful, and what do you find not so useful?

Does he need a lot of piglets in his crew or do you find there to be enough corpse counters on the field?

Is it efficient to have more than one taxidermist in your crew?

How do you maneuver the pork bombs around?

how does the taxidermist work with the pigapult?

Anyone who has run him please let me know what you think, because I simply have no idea with this awesome little Nicodem wanna be

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I love him, and I especially love him with the pigapult. What I do with him is I camp him next to som'er as som'er is operating the gremlin factory. If I have the trigger I have somer kill one of the wounded gremlin to summon a piglet. if I dont I will git your bro on an already wounded one to summon a new one and leave a corpse counter for the taxidermist.

For the pigapult I find I only use pork barrage if there is an especially low defense target and I have a high card in my hand, otherwise i just use launch'n to send the stuffed piglets next to enemy models. if they die they die.

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I haven't got to use him yet, but I suspect he'll do reasonably well in Som'er's crew because there are so many damn bodies there are gonna be lots of corpses.

Especially with "Get Yer Bro" wounding the models, it's very easy to generate your own counters for the Taxidermist to use.

I think he will lose some value in anything that requires him to move significantly for any reason, because both he and Som'er like to generally spend all their actions on summoning and whatnot.

I'd be unlikely to take more than a 0-1 Stuffed Piglets with him to start. I'd either camp him with Som'er and work with the corpses he creates, and send him forward with my Hog Squad (Whisperer/Warpig/Piglets/Haulers) and let him do his magic off stuff when it dies.

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yeah the pigapult factory is awesome.

but you don't need to do that to be effective with him. you can also use him to scoot the stuffed pigs around (doesn't require LoS, super long range) and then set em off with a tome trigger so you will be more likely to get the one you want. also his lead jacket can reduce the damage he takes to 0, since it's not actually armor. having two means your pigs will go wherever you want them to.

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In addition to the above, he is nice because he is a grave robber. As long as he is alive it assures Corpse tokens for the piggies to eat...now we just need a scavenger Gremlin.

Well, only the Warpig can eat counters with "Eat Anything", right? Piglets only have "Eat Your Fill" that 'triggers' when they kill something.

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The Taxy's "Piglet Roll" gives your Stuffed/Piglets a chance to get into the enemy's face. Combine that with the Stuffed Piglets ability to Companion the Taxy and you can do it like this:

Sfuffed Piglet companions Taxy. Activate the Taxy first and do as many piglet rolls as you need to get to the enemy. Activate the Stuffed Piggy and position your self so that you can get the most out of the Bacon Bomb Action. Use the 0 action to gain float first.

Pigapult is best used when you use your Skeeters to knock the cards out of your opponents hand, so that you can "somewhat" ensure the accuracy of your piggies! Or to deliver the Pere bomb of death!!! Also remember that all you need is 1 Stuffed/Piglet to use the Pork Barrage during it's activation, that means up to 3 shots for the price of 1 pig!

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