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Ideas for Killjoy?


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I ended up painting him purple. I started with a medium purple, with darker wash and highlighs, followed by lots of blackwashes o give him his rubbery "bruised" feeling, spotting the wounds on his body with pink, followed by a few purple ink washes to blend the wounds with the skin. The bone I just used straight bleached bone with a blackwash, and the wrappings I went with white to a bleached bone wash or two followed by a light blackwash to make it look filthy. It worked out nice! Although, he did sorta go from "care bear pink" to "california raisin" to "grape kool-aid". As a matter of fact, his nickname among me and my opponents is Kooljoy- oh yeah! My camera was stolen earlier this week, so I won't have pictures up for a while. Might be able to get one of my friends to take some though.

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Photo quality isn't great, but you get the idea. ;)

"Ahhhhhh, another thread totally ruined by ...."

(sorry - I couldn't stop myself channelling Natty)

Rathnard, your work is sad and sick

as per usual.

And I absolutely love it!

as per usual.

You are inspired, & an inspiration.

[Warning: creativity limit reached! Please revert to bland immediately!!!]

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