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Final Fantasy Chocobo


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I just took a quick stab at this tonight. Quite a bit different from my usual attempts. It was actually sort of a speed painting compared to how much time I can usually spend on a mini.

I have no intention of this being a display piece - it is every bit a gaming miniature for my purposes, but I'm still happy with the result for the effort given. My plan is to use it along with the new Super Dungeon Explore boardgame. I'm just hoping to put a Final Fantasy spin on it.


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That is exceptionally cute. Very nice for gaming quality paint job.

If I recall correctly that was a trading figure from Final Fantasy 10, so quite a few years back. I remember seeing a tub of the little red figs when I was in Japan a few years ago in a Gashapon shop, shame I forgot there was a mini scale chocobo in the set. I wouyld have bought a bunch.

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If I recall correctly that was a trading figure from Final Fantasy 10

Actually, it was from Final Fantasy 7. When FF9 was coming out they decided to do this promotion and released 3 sets, one for each game, FF7, FF8, and FF9. They later released a set for FF10.

This is the Final Fantasy 7 set:



Just been googling if anyone is selling any online, found this article about the figs.

That is one of the main articles I saw as well when I was researching. It had some good reference pics for the Chocobo.

Here is a size reference pic of the model against a Wyrd model:


I got mine off eBay. I saw a guy selling 1, got in touch with him to see if he had more, and was able to get a total of 2. I did find one other place selling them, but it was based out of Japan, and I didn't really feel like attempting the hassle of that delivery. They also only had 2 in stock.


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