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Greetings from Germany, Saarbruecken


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Hi there,

I'm from Saarbruecken, Germany and usually I play Warhammer 40K. We are a locale (Warhammer 40K) gaming club visiting tournaments around Germany. Winter coming we need some variety. Skirmisher time! And the first games show this game will stay with us ^^

http://www.saar-hammer.de (German page only ;-) )

Now we have the whole group starting with Malifaux.

My Rasputina Crew is almost done. Lady Justice is being shipped soon and the Showgirls will be next.

We will try to get some tournaments running in our club as soon as we get the rules all right and we have our crews painted ;-)

Cya around

Warmaster OJB

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Ok... The Ogre was quicker then me in intruducing himself, so I won't start a new thread...

My name is Sebastian, known as Ape in the tabletop-scene, and I'm a member of Saar-Hammer, too.

I'm running an Ophelia-Crew at the moment and want to start a Dreamer-Crew to have something to beat something in meelee.

I'm also a 40k veteran, as have been playing that freeky game for over 10 years, playing mainly Orks and Grot-Rebels (with the IM-Dex). So no wonder I started with green-skins in Malifaux..

Our Hobby-Club is about half an hour away from the Airbase of Rammstein, so we would also welcome to have a few guests from the US to join our tourneys of 40k and (surly soon) Malifaux, or you can just contact us to play a few games for fun.

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