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Hello Y'all: From the land of um... peaches, moonshine, and muscadine jelly.

Shadeau Gorgon

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Hello Wyrd-os!

I've been posting for a bit, and I thought it would be useful to intro myself.

I've been gaming for the last 7 or eight years, and I just got into Malifaux after this year's Gencon. The demo table, the swamp with Zoraida's shack, really pulled me in. I'm an avid crafter and I love painting and modifying mini's and terrain. I've already posted some of my paint jobs in the other forums.

I help out our local gaming store, Above Board Games (www.aboveboardgames.net) in Fort Mill SC. I am trying to get Malifaux going at our store and the owner Ryan is very supportive. Between us we have 8 armies, and enough goodies to keep three tables going at once.

I'm addicted to Teddies, and pretty much everything Neverborn. I've only played a few games of Malifaux, but I've already decided I'm selling my 6000 points of Vampire counts and my 5000 of Skaven to buy more Wyrd stuff... :vb_devil:

If there are any Carolinian players out there, y'all hit me up and we can play any evening you want...


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I approve too! We should look into a trade in program...hmmm (ok, not really :D)

But great to hear Malifaux caught your attention and you're enjoying the game, that's what we like. And of course welcome to the forums, glad to have you, even if your introduction is a bit delayed! I don't know much about Mali gamers in SC though, so I'm not much help there.

PS: And yes, and we made that rule on the Dreamer for teddy lovers just like you :D

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