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Peacekeepers and a Ram Skull


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So, I've recently begun playing the Ortegas, and I am enjoying the way that they operate. I've had them painted up for a while, but I'm lazy and procrastinate, so it is only now that I am posting pictures. Now I just need to decide what color to paint Perdita's lips...



I live in Arizona, a desert, so basing these guys was pretty simple. I used polymer clay to make most of the things that I see pretty frequently: a palo verde for Perdita, a little barrel cactus for Santiago, and a ram's skull for Niño (a fitting item in lieu of a cow's skull, I think). There's a tumble weed on Francisco's base made from thread and wire, and polymer dynamite on Papa's. The dirt one the bases is made from crushed rocks that I got from in front of my house.

if anyone wants to know about the colors that I use, I mix all of them from the primaries, white, and black.

Please, comment and critique. A couple of quick disclaimers first, though, after seeing the enlarged photographs, flaws are so much more apparent. About Santiago, his skin dried much darker than I had expected. And about the glossiness, all of my models are sealed in a clear coat

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Im actually liking these quite a bit, i love them in person though! The Ditas tree looks great here, better in person though, the basework ties them together wonderfully, and the use of natural rock here actually works (in most cases it doesnt) I would question how you did it, but seeing you at home with a set of pliers and a rock reallly answered my question.

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