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Zoraida leads Nephilim against the Ortegas


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30ss scrap, testing out my new Nephilim Strategy, posted here. The teams were:

Zoraida- cache 5

Blood Shaman


3x Terror Tots

Desperate Mercenary

Perdita- Cache 3

Abuela Ortega

Nino Ortega

Papa Loco


Enslaved Nephilim

I had Reconnoiter, Dita got Turf War. We forwent schemes to focus more on the experimental tactics. Standard activation in the Badlands, with some ruins (hard cover) and rubble (severe terrain.)




Turn 1: Perdita and Co. move up, aided by some Obeys. The Desperate mercenary and 1 tot are killed for killed to harvest their blood, the other 2 tots become Mature Nephilim. Zoraida Summons a Voodoo Doll connected to Nino. All my stuff is still in the Deployment Zone.

Turn 2: one of the matures Carries the shaman away behind some ruins toward the middle of the map. Perdita and her Enslaved Nephilim use Obey to move Papa Loco into position. He promptly uses Take ya with me twice, taking 6 wounds. Everything but the Mature that flew away is in range. Nekima, the other Mature, and the Shaman all get hit once. Zoraida and the Doll are unharmed. My control hand and some Soulstones are gone.

Nekima activates, moves up to and kills Loco, uses her Tomes trigger to knock him a safe distance away, gets a blood counter, and moves toward the Shaman and its accompanying Mature Nephilim, granting +Masks to casting totals. The Shaman activates and heals her and himself each for 2 wounds, as well as getting Regeneration 1 form Nephilim Princess.

The rest of the turn is surprisingly uneventful, as various models fail casting flips or get very strong defensive flips. Zoraida summons a Wicked Doll which advances up the field.

Turn 3: The Mature with the Shaman activates, carrying the Shaman into melee with Abuela, who along with Nino is on the other side of the field from Perdita and Executioner, and kills Abuela. Perdita moves up, obeys the Executioner forward, casts bullet bending, and shoots at the uninjured mature, but misses. The Executioner charges Zoraida, forcing her to waste a control card and a soulstone to avoid damage. The Shaman charges Nino, misses, casts Blood Magic to get Fast, attacks again, misses again. Nino disengages and hits the Shaman for 2 wounds. The remaining Mature charges and kills the Executioner, who fails to kill the Voodoo Doll with Slow to Die.

At this point Perdita is alone on the field except for Nino and her totem, while I still have all my unit, albeit somewhat wounded, along with a Voodoo and a Wicked doll. Z and her dolls, along with Nekima, are still inactivated. We agree this one is over for Perdita and pack up.



What I Learned:

While Papa Loco wasn’t devastating this time around, he seems like he could be, especially if I had a weak hand. Nekima and the BB Shaman combined are a powerful healing force.

The ability to turn Tots into Matures on the first turn seems reliable.

Obey can be powerful but should not be relied upon in all cases.

My hopes are high for this revitalization of the classic Nephilim army, but it will need to be tested more before it can be declared a success.

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Very true. When I originally posted my idea for this Zoraida crew, someone listed a few things that could be a problem for it, one of them being a Papa bomb. At the time I thought you couldn't obey a model to hurt itself, I've since read up on some rules and seen you can.

So yeah, I wouldn't consider him much of a threat in the future, since someone fielding him would pretty much mean they had given up on beating me any other way.

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It's a good report & an emphatic triumph for the Neverborn, and your excellent Neph tactica is very much the basis for the Neph variant of my Zoraida crews..

But - and correct me if I'm wrong here - I cost your army for this game at 31ss, taking in to account the extra soulstone cost of your Merc (as he is from a different faction).

Thanks for the inspiration.

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