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Phoenix Tournament 9/18/10


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Hello all back again with another tournament for the month of September! This time around we are posting over a week early for all ya'll who couldnt make it last time, we are hopin to have you around this time! So without further adue...

Location: Imperial Outpost Games in Phoenix

Time: Noon On Saturday the 18th.

Price: Five Dollars

Points: Escalation 25, 30, 35

Format: Narrative Swiss

Special Rulings: Proxies are allowed for models not yet released.

Special Notices: Outpost Games will have new Malifaux product on its shelves this week so be ready its coming! Ophelia, Kirai, and more! So Pick up your Book two soon, we'll be using it! (you can attend without the book, ill be passing out info on any schemes used from book two).

Any questions post em here ill help ya out!

Hope to see ya there


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Hello everyone I am really sorry to tell you that I just recently have been informed of a death in the family, and as such I will be at a funeral at the time of this tournament, Being that all of you have made sacrifices for me I gotta do the same for you, I can still host it but it will have to be moved to another time say.... 6:30 or 7:00pm Is everyone ok with this?

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