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Pandora's Best New Minion is...


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...the Performer and Mannequin? Even after paying for High Class, you're still getting two good models for 4SS each. The Performer can cause virtually limitless WP tests (Irresistible, Mesmerizing, and all her spells), while the Mannequin is pretty tough (Object 2, Armor +3), and can both use Soulstones and let the Performer use SS.

Just a thought, but I believe mastering the use of these two could cause some serious carnage with a Pandora crew.

My second place vote goes to Stitched Together. For 5 SS that guy can cause up to 6 WP tests in a turn, it's got WP 6, and all those Gamble Your Lifes can churn out some serious damage!

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I found her to work particularly well with an alp swarm. Granted, it was a Brawl with the Dreamer alongside her, but she was one more damage every time a failed Wp test put slow on a model, allowing me to pick and choose targets to get even more alps... and even more alps... Coppelius underperformed, and my luck on Stitched gambling flips was miserable, but the alps (with Pandora support) took out roughly 3/4 of a combined Lilith / Zoraida force on the first turn.

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insidius magic screams pandora as they do wp duels all the time and have an ability to give neg flips to wp. also for 4 ss its cheap and out activating yor opp is kinda huge. also wk8 is really fast, paird with floatit gets around.

also coppelius is a verry scarry opp. he can auto paralize wich is kinda huge. also forcing fallbacks is one of pandoras trump cards and he has one. also havine a 4 :aura that cases 3wd to falling back models can wreck people with pandy's blast spell of fallback.

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As dakrulz I too think that the Insidious Madness will be among Pandoras favourites.

4SS isn't much for what they offer, they are a bit fragile however.

- Whenever Pandora gets Mental Anguish off they can zip in and make it a hell for the enemy to even recover.

- Negative Wp-flips means Pandora will have an easy time getting her spells off.

- Wp duel to target them.

- Ranged attacks (which is by the way nice for Neverborn) can target Wp aswell.

- They can turn terrifying.

That's alot of ways of causing Wp-duels on one model.. I'm not sure on this, but I think Stitched will be a tad too slow in a Pandora list, burying them with Dreamer seems the safest bet to me.

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Madness 100% I say. They are extremely fast and have numerous abilities to increase Pandora's effectiveness and generate even more Wp duels!

Wodschow does a good job of highlighting their abilities.

I think Stitched together are to slow to work terribly well, but they can be extremely lethal. Not sure at all about the Performer and Maniquin... they don't strike me as working all that well compared to Madness, Stitched Together, Coppelius, cuddled sorrows even. But it is worth thinking on, Ill have to look again at them.

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