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Best metal for using magnets?


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I am looking for some advice on the best metal to use for magnetizing my models. I have some really small magnets I got from (I think) miniwargaming.com but magnet on magnet is too difficult to put together (usually the magnets are too strong and pull each other out of their glued sockets or they are too difficult to get positioned). I'm looking for some metal I can glue to my models or bases so I can have metal on one size and magnet on the other. Anyone have an advice on the type of metal I should use (fairly thin, easy to cut but still works with a magnet well)?

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where are you putting the magnets? I have some small ones I bought to use on my spider swarms but I haven't figured out how to do that yet, and I'm thinkingo f doing it for hte coryphee.

I gave up trying to magnatise the legs. What I did was use a junkyard theme for my bases. I found small items (barrels, buckets, sandbags, piece of broken masonry) for other miniature lines and pinned the spiders to those pieces. I didn't try to pin them standing straight up. I pinned them crouching on the items. So, the pin didn't show much. Also, I pinned them on angles and such.

After I pinned the spider to the bits, I them mounted a magnet in the bit. Gave me more space to drill into to hide the magnets. then my bases had a magnet in them and other bits of detrius to make the bit look like it's a part of the pile. Did the same thing on a 40mm base so that all three spiders would fit and look like a scuttling swarm ready to pounce. Turned out rather nice. Looking to do the same kind of thing for the coryphees.

The theme I'm looking for is a stage. So, planks of wood. I'll probably pin the coryphees to a single plank and then cut it to fit a space in the 30mm and then make a 40mm base with the same missing plank and then magnatize the planks.

Hope that all makes sense.

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