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First crew, Rasputina & friends. And a Lilith for fun


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Finally got around to making a forum account, been playing Malifaux since February or so. Figured a good place to start posting is to post some of my minis. Please be kind, they're my first batch. I'm working on improving my technique, but i'm used to painting on a much larger scale, these tiny figures are a real challenge for me, especially the faces and tiny details. I've gotten a lot better brushes and paints since I first started, so my newer models are looking better.


This is my Rasputina. I'm not very happy with how she turned out. Maybe I'll buy another Raspy when I get better and can paint her again. I just bought a new purple and skin tone from Reaper, hopefully it'll work better then what I've been using.


I like how my gamin turned out pretty well.


I like my cerberus. He's the first one I finished. Pretty happy with how the stripes turned out, I was nervous when I started painting them.



I think the Wendigo is my favorite. He's so cute and fuzzy, and i like how the rock turned out. I managed to get his feet just right, it looks like he's charging up the rock, ready to chew someone's face off.

I've got some really cool pilars that my boyfriend and I created, but I somehow forgot to get photos of them. I'll take a whole group shot with all my guys and the pillars. Maybe my Acolyte will be done by the time I get around to it.

I've also picked up a Colette box, some Coryphees and a Dreamer. Lots of painting to come!

A friend of mine had my boyfriend and I paint his Lilith box. I called dibs on painting his Lilith. So rather than make another post, I'm just sticking her here.


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Nice start. Sounds like you really like the hobby part of the game ...

The cerberus looks like he just devoured a snack and is looking for more ...

The small models certainly are a challenge. As far as Raspy goes, don't worry about it. As you improve and learn more you may find you want to keep her as an example of how far you've come.

That Wendigo is awesome. Keep them coming.

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@Shukitty: That's what they invented Simple Green for. You will find your skills improving over time and with practice and patience. Just remember that more layers with thinned paints are better than 1 thick layer.

Just keep posting and ask for advice or tips and any one of the guys here can give some great help.

Personally I like to use an artist's mixing tray (little plastic tray with 6 dimples) and I always water my paints down. The dimples help keep the paint moist by pulling the paint to the centre.

I can't wait to get my paints back out - moving house at the mo.


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What demonkin said- they're metal, just dip them into simple green (or brake fluid) and leave to soak for a few days, then toothbrish the remaining paint off.

As for the models, thinning your paint won't hurt, you want it milky consistency, runny but not watery. 2-3 layers of thin paint is better than one thick.

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Simple green is the best as it is non toxic to you and will not damage the mini at all. It is even safe on most plastic minis. i have had some minis (again, even plastic) in simple green for years with out harm. It can loosen the join of the glue but sometimes that is good :D

Brake fluid is quite hazardous, I'd stay away from it.

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I have used some washes. But I refuse to pay even more money for washes, so I generally just water down my paint to do it. I used one on lilith's hair a bit, but it's pretty subtle. it was just a darker wash of her hair color. Rasputina i tried, but I didn't like how it turned out at all so ended up painting over it.

Thanks all for your compliments and tips!

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