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Crooked Men

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Another way to use shafted is to cast it on your already activated models. Like if have Melee that is getting two close use shafted markers as sheilds for you master (I would only use them if they aready acivated, well on the master)

Also when casting shafted why not cast it right on the crooked man, so if your opponet trys to pass though it your 2 inch melee range with a CB of 5 can try and stop them (CB of 7 if bolstered). So if you hit with the disengaging hit rhere activation immediately ends making shafted go off.

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The current wording is

(1) Shafted

(CC: 13/Rst: - /Rg: C) Place 1 Shafted marker within 6”

of this model. When a model ends a move or Push

within 2” of a Shafted marker, remove the marker

and the model’s controller flips a Fate Card. If the

value is a Joker, the model is killed. If the value is a

1-7 the model suffers 3 Dg. If the value is 8-13 the

model receives Paralyzed. Crooked Man models are

immune to Shafted markers. Shafted markers are

removed from play at the End Closing Phase.

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