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The new Guild subfaction: Speculations.

Jonas Albrecht

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So, we don't yet know (well some of us don't) what the new Guild group is going to be. Granted, we're going to find out in 17 days tops, but til then, it could be fun to toss around our own ideas, like so many Happy Fun Balls.

I think, given that each of the Guild groups so far seem to have a specific faction they hunt, this new one is going to be a sort of watchmen for the Guild itself. They go around making sure that the other groups are keeping the Guild's best interests in mind. Observing the Ortegas, digging up dirt on the Death Marshals, watching the Witch Hunters.

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A faction of 'Guards' seems highly appropriate, there are the specific hunters already, but what about the normal people, who watches the watchers?

People that are defenders, vault guards, or shipment protectors. People that aren't chasing, but waiting to be attacked.

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Im thinking a merc/outcast hunters. so they hunt those who have no factions.

or goverment theamed guys. just think about hitting models with the "red tape" spell, i think it should make you discard to use AP.

paperwork will make you AP -1 for every ram on the casting total.

soo meny spells/traits.


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I want to see The Governor General as the new Master. If anyone reading knows anything about the Warhammer 40K world, the Witch hunters have that guy on a dreadnought/throne thing that rapes... WE NEED ONE! we need a guy on a mechanized throne with weapons on it!

as for speculation? What I would LIKE to see, and this may be Cliché, but like a Neverborn that's employed by the Guild and works Only for the guild, or something like that. Sonnia can sort of be organized into the Arcanist category. But still I think that'd be awesome.

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