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Viks crew, what to get next (Student, Hans, Taelor?)


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So I'm making a custom 25ss set with both Viks, 3 Ronin, and a Convict gunslinger. However I'm torn on what to get to jump to 30ss. These are what I'm thinking below, but open to other suggestions.

> Student of Conflict: For 3ss just to give a Vik FAST, that seems kind of wasteful? Is this 3ss well spent, or does he have useful abilities (supposed I should read my book, not at home atm).

> Taelor: No idea what she does, but people seem to rave about her. My only concern is adding MORE CC to an already heavy CC list. Maybe shooty would be better? But never played her. I'd also have to give up either a Ronin or Slinger to bring her in at 30ss. Thoughts?

> Hans: Adds another shooty to a heavy CC group, plus can HIRE him in my nico group if I really wanted to. Also have to give up a Ronin or Slinger to bring him in. Very versatile purchase or thoughts?

> Ronin: A 4th Ronin couldn't hurt, but starting to seem like spam, and putting all my cards in one basket.

Any other thoughts...

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Taelor hits like a tank, albiet only with melee range. Good possibility.

Though a lot of folks seem to dislike Hans, I like him. Headshot can knock cards out of an opponent's hand, maybe kill a target outright, or even make an opponent hesitate to use cards (to avoid Headshot kills).

Don't forget Bishop. Like Hans, a lot of folks seem to dislike him, but I like his potential for versatility. He basically gets to pick which of his triggers he'll be able to set off turn-to-turn, instead of having to wait for the right cards.

Not sure about the Student of Conflict, as I haven't used one myself. The ablities look nice, though. The Fast thing is good, and you could use Magical Extension to cast Another One? away from your remaining Vic. Being able to ditch Insignificant (via Combined Efforts) is also nice.

Come to think of it, I believe you could also take Steampunk Aboninations and/or a Desolation Engine. Definitely not standard, but an option.

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Steampunks Aboms would be kinda tough without Levi or Alyce to make more but if you daisy chain them along and form the Deso Engine it would be OK I s'pose... I'd put in a vote for Taelor though she's nasty with that 3" reach.

Hans I haven't tried personally so I cna't say much about his abilities... but it seems with all of that CC you have you may only get a couple shots off before a lot of models are engaged in combat, making it a risky manuever to shoot.

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I'd recommend Taelor. Like Grem Swarm said she hit's like a tank and even more so against constructs. She is great and her 3" melee range means most opponents have to spend an AP to get into their own melee range. With her 3" range and her 1" base she can pretty much dominate a 7" circle. She's also durable.

Bishop is also great. He's not a real killing machine like Taelor but he is possibly the most durable character in the game and he can tie up multiple models in melee. His triggers are also great.

With the Viks you just have to face the fact that they are all about close combat. Sure you can include shooting but if you tailor your tactics toward melee you're going to get the best out of them. I don't think using them as half shooty and half melee maximises their potential.

But that's just my opinion.

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I'd highly recommend Hans or Taelor. Hans would be my first suggestion as I've found he's amazing for an intimidation factor on multiple levels. A lot of people are really weary of getting anywhere within his range, as he has the potential to decimate anything that comes within it (even moreso with the errata'd rules). Plus his headshot is downright viscious. Though since you have the Convict Gunslinger to provide your ranged support, Taelor might be a better choice. She has inhuman strength with a mean distance for melee. All depends on how you wanna play your Viks, tbh.

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I've been playing Vik's with Misaki recently, and she is really fun. A gorgeous model too, which never hurts!

What I like most about her is W5, as unlike Ronin she can keep up with the Viks. Also, Wind has got to be the favorite spell in my crew... 6" Melee range covers tons of the table, even if only temporarily.

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I would third (fourth?) Taelor. She is what the Viks aren't, a (relatively) tough model that can take a hit or two, and can still dish it out. I have tried Bishop, and while more versatile, he's more expensive. I like Taelor in 30ss lists.

I am excited to try the SoC, I think a Fast Vik will be incredible, well worth the 3ss.

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So IMHO I don't like any o the three choices. This is my opinion again:

Taleor is OK. She hits hard but that's about it.

Hans is just a waste of points. He is a sniper that doesn't do his job well. Nino IMHO is better even though you can't bring him.

Student of conflict is meh. You can give someone fast but then he has to catch back up to give it again then wastes a turn getting there then does it again.

I would add misaki, she can potentially have 6" range melee. And even have blast damage from a melee strike. She may be brittle but just screen her with the ronin.

But that's my two cents. You may agree and you may disagree.

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