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new to the game and have an idea.

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Im brand new to the game and A friend of mine has been trying to get me to get a list based around an idea of his. It uses Nicodem and a desolation engine to summon powerful minions to do my opponent in. it sounded viable at first but after looking over the stats of the characters somthing seemed a little off like perhaps theres a better way to . what do you guys think?

heres the list:

- Nicodem, the Undertaker

- Mortimer, the Gravedigger

- Nurse

- Desolation Engine

Also if you do think this sounds like a valid idea then if you could give any suggestions on how to expand it into a normal scrap sized list. and perhaps a brawl sized list.

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I am a little confused at what you are trying to do, but I get the feeling you want to summon stuff, which Nicodem does pretty well all by his lonesome. If you are set on the list I would do something like



Dogs x 3



Keep Nicodem safe and hidden. Use the vulture to pick up counters and decay (you can use decay to heal the Engine and catch people in a blast if you are lucky). The dogs are either cheap corpse counters or a drawn card if your hand is really bad, they also make nice speed bumps for your opponent. With Mortimer I would spam Fresh meat so the Engine can walk without taking damage and cast the occation exume when your hand is right for it. The biggest porblem is the list is rather :crows intensive

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Here's what I'd do instead of the desolation engine.

The trouble with it is, it takes damage every time it does something. So instead, buy 4 steampunk abominations (same cost, they cost 3 each) any of which can use a (1) action to sacrifice all four and summon an engine.

They each move 4" and can keep pace with any model that moves in base contact, so basically keep them all in base contact and blob move around. when you pick an oppoenent you want to fight, move up with all four Abominations and the last one uses the (1) activation to make an engine, then the engine gets to go and if you summoned him into melee combat makes 2 pretty nasty attacks on the first turn he's in. the industrial nightmare kicks in and opponents might take even more damage.

it's tough to time, because if you opponent can take out just 1 abomination you can't summon the big one, but it will make your engine a lot more effective.

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ya I was hoping to summon a large amount of decent things to beat my opponent by pure overrun. thank you very much for the idea. what about nurses though? should i just get rid of her or is she actually worth it? it seems like i should use her to attempt to heal the engine but im not sure how good her healing ability actually pans out to be.

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Nurses work best with a horde of cheap and expendable units (Canines and Necropunks). The Nurses can then use their doses to turn one of them into a crazy beatstick for a turn, taking out over it's own worth of enemies with it.

With an elite force like yours it is very hard to use the Nurses efficiently, since they have no targets for their doses. Their healing is hard to utilize since it's an all action and gives Slow to the target as well. I would replace it with something else, like a Punk Zombie or a Rotten Belle.


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