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My December Crew WIP


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I have the rest of the bases made up and sealed (all made using cork tiles) for teh army and will hopefully have teh hoarcat prides all finished up soon along with the other 2 Gamlins who are base coated and shaded already.

Then I will be hitting Rasputina before I do the golem and Acolyte...

Will post pictures as I progress :D

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Thanks for all the comments.

I hope to get some work done on the remaining to gamlin and an essence of power before my local escalation league starts.

Week 1 is 15 SS so I intend to take 3 gamlin 'tina and an essence of power. Week 2 is 25 so I will add a cerebus and week 3 is 35 so I will add the Ice golem.

I was considering revamping the list every week, but I want some consistency. More pics of teh other 2 gamlins + 'tina over the weekend.

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