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Bishop, please forgive the gore...


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I had fun doing the Bishop, even more so playing him: first game killed a Peacekeeper in one activation, third game gave a nose bleed to Rusty Alice! Bishop never dies!!

After I painted the model I felt somewhat sad that I had put the blood splatters, as for some reason since I play Malifaux I've always felt it kind of all happens in a lala land where no one really dies and it's all nice. Then I opened my eyes and Bishop made me realise the naked truth, with his bare fists... :)

I really don't like to spend time on bases hence what it is (I play a Neverborn crew so all the models have the feet in the swamp hehehe)

Hope you like it!




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That is pure awesome.

As others said, you did a fantastic job on getting just the right amount of blood and gore on him without going overboard and ruining the mini.

I can just picture him grabbing some poor guy by the back of his head and then smashing his knee in it to brutal effect.

Love it!

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