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My Malifaux Table

The Strange Dude

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So over the course of a year or so I've been collecting the bits to do my own home 'table' for 40k. A couple of months ago I got into Malifaux and got the itch to build scenery for the first time and a 3'x3' table is much easier to do than a 6'x4' (for a start it fits on the existing dining table). Persuaded a mate to come round tomorrow to try out Malifaux and decided I better put the table together to ensure I had enough scenery and it looked alright. Here it is most of the stuff is 'pegasus' pre-painted and made stuff with a bit of 40k administarium (sp?), some trees from the local train shop and of course some stuff I made myself.



Scrapyard (nurse for scale)


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Very nice indeed. I can see the scenario now.. Goblins coming down the river for a midnight raid to steal some scrap from the scrapyard ruins to reinforce and build larger pigpens. It won't be that easy, as that yard is guarded by (your crew here) for various reasons.

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