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Thinking about dabbling, which master should I pick?

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Actually, if you look at McMorning closer, all of his spells (except his summoning one) are Melee range only, so you really want to get him in there. He's scary good in there too.

Seamus (from what I've seen of him) is more focused on board control and fussing with the other guy's models.

Nicodem is the spellcaster by the way, and his Bolster Undead ability scares me pretty bad. You might want to look at him again.

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Well, with Arcanists being my main faction, I don't really want another caster-type master.

I think I like McMourning. His spells are good, the Body Part thing is amusing, and I really like his model.

I may wait a bit until his dogs come out though. I suppose if I wait too long, I may have other masters to consider.

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McMourning and his dogs make a very complete crew.

I found people like to swap crews a lot with Nicodem and Seamus, with McMourning you have a good dog / flesh construct formula which is always worth a go.

May as well grab his crew and start painting, the dogs will be quite different.

He is crazy fun to play, only the Viks & Ronin have been as dramatically scary in close combat.

Beatsticks like Lilith and Justice are a known quantity but McMourning is just a menace...you also never know if you're taking him down because he could just be taking a few hits to the face in the knowledge he'll heal in combat next activation and is holding some good cards for Df on the finishing hit.

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Nico's worth it for "bolster undead" alone, all his other abilities are icing! With that active and a nurse working her mojo on a necropunk those wee dudes can do crazy things before dying so you can summon it back as a punk zombie :D. He's also a summoning GOD btw.

McM is really, really nasty but because he needs to be up close and personal and not particulary difficult to kill I find he needs a bit more finesse. I usually keep him hanging back and get him stuck in the end game. Dissection can and will kill anything!

Seamus is just bad ass, but board control/terror is his main strength. He's the most limited when it comes to summoning but as the old adage says, "there's no problem that can't be solved with more undead hookers".

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I'm really new to the game so you'll have to excuse a stupid question:

In a vacuum, based on nothing more than the appearance of the mini, I really like both McMourning and Nicodem. I'm hot and cold on Seamus. I'm not crazy about the mini aesthetically and his Hatter/Lucky Charms theme doesn't exactly "do it" for me. That said, I absolutely dig the Rotten Belles. Do the ladies still function reasonably well without Seamus to run show? I don't have the rulebook in my hand yet so I can't make a determination.

I realize it would be thematically bunk to field the Belles without Seamus, unfluffy to the extreme. I'm trying to decide if that matters to me. I really want the Belles in the mix but Seamus doesn't light my fire to the same extent that McM and Nico do. From a pure theme/appearance perspective, I'd honestly rather field Leveticus (just talkin' out my butt; I have no idea whether his stats and abilities support the notion or if he's simply a less effective version of a pre-existing Res necromancer).

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The Belles are no joke, regardless of who you put them with. Undress can be a high Def killer, and multiple Belle's casting Lure can Push an enemy model into a very compromising position insanely quickly. I was recently able to move Nino 16 inches from a sniper position into charge range of McMourning in a single turn.

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