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Hola from San Francisco...


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Well, first off, hello there.

I started picking up these beautiful figs year before last at Gencon, then being a diehard Confrontation player, as well as someone who is always looking for cool minis for his RPGs.

With the demise of Confrontation in all but name, I figured that it was time that I finally found a new game for my loyalty.

I may play a bit of Alkemy and Anima Tactics, but Malifaux is the game that has really caught my eye. At least my Confrontation figs have found work in my RPGs...

So, I am heading to Gencon (As always, until I pass to the Great Beyond, I suppose...) in August, and I am going to try very hard to have my grasp of the game, as well as some painted figs ready for it.

So, now I just have to figure out which factions I want to play...I am down to...All of them! (I collected for 11 Confrontation Armies...dammit).


PS: Which factions are affiliated with which color decks? I'll pick them all up, but I was just wondering...

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Hi and welcome to wyrd! Glad we grabbed your attention :D

Eric, are you the company man who lives in the area?

I talked to someone a year + back about doing demos at Gamescape here in San Fran, but he was busy with wedding plans at the time...

Gamescape is THE FLGS in the City, and at least one of the 2 minis guys is jazzed about the game. We have been using some of the figs in my HARP game for a bit (He uses a Judge as his PC), and would love a chance to show folks your game.


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hmmm, if it was at last years Gencon (2008 I mean), then it could have been me, since I got married 3 weeks later. However, now we actually do have the game released, yay! Always happy to talk more about getting things going in the Bay Area, and I think I would enjoy even heading up to SF to check out some Malifaux gaming too.

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