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Bayou Terrain WIP


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Now that Som'er and the boys are done (for now at least) I've decided to work on some Bayou Terrain.



This first one is maybe a little large, but it can be Som'er's office, or something. 3.25" tall in the front, 3.5" wide, and about 6.25" long. I didn't think to do doors and windows before the planking, so I guess I'll work something up and glue them on later.

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Quick note: If you are going to take the time to cut out balsa planks for siding, sand down the edges a little for a bevel, and leave a little space between each piece. The undercoat seems to have made the balsa swell a bit (dur) so I'm redefining the joints with a ball stylus.

Who knew those things could be so handy?

If I can find my cheapo paints, I should have pics tomorrow.

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First building is now done.





I like the covered porch, but couldn't come up with a good way to cover the ridge and have the main roof removable, so its just glued on. Future buildings are going to be slightly smaller, and not have the porch. And windows actually cut in instead of shutters.

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That's looking pretty good so it is. Are you going to leave it like that or put it on a base as well?

I'm probably not going to add bases to anything right now, one because I am a little lazy, and two I don't have game space at home, so they are going to end up staying at the LGS. We have a few different styles of table tops, so without a base they will look better on whatever board they are put on, instead of a house with a green circle on a gray board.

Once the weather warms up I'll throw a few coats of gloss varnish on for protection and hope for the best as far as wear and tear goes.

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I've completed a second shanty, this time with an attempted thatch roof.



I used some random dried grass of some sort I found at the dollar store to do the thatch. It was more difficult to work with than I expected. I'm not totally happy with it, but the amount of white glue holding it down means I'm not going to rip it off and try again.

Much like the first building, I didn't think to add windows or doors, so I made/glued them on as an after thought.

Made an outhouse, but its a little big, more of a handicap stall, so I'm going to redo it.

One of my coworkers has titled this terrain project Bayou Barbie's Dream Playset.

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Impressive. Before painting, you may be able to seal the balsa to stop the swelling, though you will need something that is not water-based (PVA/White/Wood glue is out). Perhaps a matte varnish lightly applied.

The swelling isn't really a problem as long as you leave a little space between the boards. It helps bring out the grain and creates a little more of a rustic feeling.

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Looking awesome dude. Three thumbs up.

I can't find any example pics right now, but I used a similar technique to make a surrounds for a blood bowl scoreboard.

i found the look was completed very nicely by the inclusion of nailheads.

There are two ways to achieve the effect.

the simple way is to just poke some holes in the balsa in the appropriate places so it looks like the nails are sunk into the wood. looks alright but it's a bit more of a 'nailgun' look - not very rustic, and definitely not very mailfaux.

In the end I got a bunch of dressmakers pins (the ones with tiny metal heads) and clipped the head ends off with just enough of the shaft of the pin left to hold it in the balsa.

After that you just push them straight into the wood - they're a tiny bit big for the scale of the models - they end up looking slightly towards the railway spike end of the 'nail scale', but it would end up working with the 'caricature' style of most malifaux buildings.

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