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Bette Noir


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I have a couple of questions about her, the first is if she is killed can she user her slow to die trait to bury herself and heal (cannot remember the name of that spell).

also when does her gain fast for a killed model kick in. Can she uses flurry to kill someone and gain the fast or does it have to be active from the start of her activation.

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yes, she is amazingly hard to actually kill due to her ability to disappear and come back at full health nearly any time she would be killed (although good to keep the needed card in your hand to be ready).

Yes, if you use flurry, and kill a model, you gain fast and have 1 more AP this activation.

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You are not summoning or replaceing you are just placeing so the model that dies leaves a corpse counter, in fact its like bete has no effect on the dieing model since the RoE does not aply in any way to her.

So you could even summon a model there and have bete get "placed".

But for your question yes the model that is killed still leaves a corpse counter.

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