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Arachnid stat card question


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I'm just curious what comes with what as far as arachnid stat cards:

1) Does the Ramos starter box come with just two swarm cards, or does it also include any regular Arachnid cards?

2) Do the Arachnid blisters (the ones with cards at least) come with just a swarm, or also with one or more regular arachnid cards?

It seems that for every three Arachnids you need four stat cards, one swarm and three regular arachnids, and I'm just trying to figure out how to best and most cheaply assemble that many stat cards...

Or, alternatively, for tournament play is it acceptable to just have one card for each type (swarm and regular) and keep track of hit points on the rest by other means (paper, dice, etc.)?

Finally, how does this affect the cats (I haven't got the book yet and I've only been able to look at one briefly, but I'm guessing they can split too)? Thanks!

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I believe we are including 2 swarms and 3 singles in the boxes, and each blister has 1 swarm and 3 singles. We're trying to make sure you have all the stat cards you need to play without any trouble!

In tournament play, you can keep track of stats on single cards, if you have a clear way of tracking wounds in another way.

The hoarcats don't have that ability, they stick together in a pack of 3.

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