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Alright, I've finally gotten back to doing some painting, and thanks to "I'm bored, what do I have primed?" Syndrome, I'm kicking my blog on here off with a Seraphim! I like the way she turned out, considering doing the rest of the squad I've had sitting up on my shelf for forever.

Front -


Back -


Side 1 -

45334_sm-Seraphim%2C%20Side%202.JPG (I've already fixed the foot and grenade in this one)

Side 2 -

45333_sm-Seraphim%2C%20Side%201.JPG (Same in this one)

Bleh, now that I'm looking at it, the pictures kinda crapped out. I'll take some better ones later. Also, not particularly happy with the face (Part of that is the sculpt, though, GW could learn from you guys when it comes to sculpting the ladies), but I love how the rest of her turned out.

Anyway, basing. I'm thinking a sandy base, with GS to make it look like the jump pack is kicking it up.

So, thoughts? Comments? Criticisms?

EDIT - New pictures!

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Hello there Wyrdos. I, strangely enough, am still alive. For those who never met me, I lurked on here around the time of the release, until I couldn't keep up with the flood of new posts and slowly stopped coming here. Until recently, that is.

See, in an effort to keep my urge to paint going, I resolved with the new year to paint a model every two weeks. I quickly failed this, but it got me into the painting mood, which I turned upon my current project - Lady Justice and The Death Marshals (which I insist, and will keep doing so, sounds like a band name). Therefore, I decided that there was no better place to post up some pictures and get some truly Wyrd feedback than here. So, I give you the three models I have (Probably) finished thus far - Justice herself, and two of the Death Marshals.

Yes, probably. I am as of yet rather unhappy with the base on Lady Justice, and the pictures just make it look worse. Haven't yet decided what to do with it, or just leave it as is. Aaaaanyway, here we are.

Death Marshal 1



Right Side - http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/75616-Death%20Marshal%201%2C%20Right%20Side.html?m=2

Left Side - http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/75615-Death%20Marshal%201%2C%20Left%20Side.html?m=2

Back - http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/75614-Death%20Marshal%201%2C%20Back.html?m=2

Of these three models, this one is the oldest. I did him for the FAIL Halloween event (and took second place), and have done a few touch-ups on him since (even after I took these pictures). He might look a bit different because I forgot the mixes I used for his coffin and coat in my hiatus from painting these guys, so I made new ones for the second Death Marshal.

Death Marshal 2

No Flash


The w/flash picture gives a somewhat better view of the OSL (which, this zoomed in, looks a lot chalkier than I thought it did) - http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/77494-Death%20Marshal%202%2C%20flash.html

Lady Justice

No Flash


After much trying, this was basically the only good picture I could get of her without the flash. I need a better camera/picture setup.

Her Hair -


Flash - http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/77496-Lady%20Justice%20w%252F%20flash.html

This one shows the base, and you can probably see why I'm not happy with it. Also, I've already fixed the chip on her leg, so don't bother pointing that out.

Group shot of what I've got done


Strangely enough, in this picture most of what I'm unhappy with in the photos fades away. Perhaps I should take more from this distance. Anyway, you can see the base again, it just looks... there. As I said, the pictures make it worse, but it doesn't really add anything to the model.

Anyway, as usual comments, questions, ect. please share them.

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Sarr, are you taking those photos with a flash? Two diffused lights and no flash will get you nicer results. The Death Marshals are losing some of the depth that you can see in person. They still look good in the pics, but I know that they look better on the table. I'll give you some more info when I see you on Saturday.

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