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I have started to paint my Malifaux crews, so to encourage me to do some every day I thought I would start a blog. I hope to have two opposing crews painted by the time I recieve the rules in August.

Here are two of the first three crews all undercoated, some with bases built up. The Zoraida and Ortega crew are going to be the first two.


I started the Zoraida crew first as I felt it would be quicker and fun to do as I can work with quite a lot of dry brushing and washes. All have basic swamp bases to which I will add some further detailing (although I love your super detailed bases, I prefer to make it so that my bases can blend in with my gaming boards). All figures have been basecoated in green, with a black wash, the Mire Golem has bee dry brushed, with a few basecoats for the wood and stone.



The Ortegas have been undercoated in a light brown with a red/brown wash, all their hair has been drybrushed.


And finally the Lilith crew just undercoated in grey with a black wash,


I also have the Gremlins, Seamus's crew, and the Marshalls these are still in the blisters/boxes as I don't want to see to much unpainted lead! I am keen to paint the Gremlins but will finish Zoraida and Ortega's first.

Will try to post every day.

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