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Different Strategy's in the same game


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I'm a new Malifaux player exploring the game with my girlfriend. We have the issue, that when I start a game in the app and she joins with the symbols, she has a different Strategy than I have and it even switches from round to round. This seems very confusing... Are we missing something?


Thanks :)

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Yeah read that in the rules and was confused over the behaviour of the rules. Then I have to track points differently till the GG season 4 cards are available in Germany. 

The pool of schemes which player choose two from are different right? 



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The pool of five schemes is the same for both players.

The app formerly had that kind of bug, but what you are describing is even wilder than the way it was back then. The app seems to occasionally do weird things when one player is connected with phone and one with desktop. If that is what you were doing, you could try to connect with same kind of devices.

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Okay there was an update of the app in January on her iPhone which resolved the strategy issue... The 5 schemes still are different on both of our phones 😅

Little weird XD


PS: okay small update... The problem only occurs when I (Android) create the game and she (iPhone) joins... If we do it the other way round it works fine... 

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Another small update for the interested...


I think the described problem occurs because with android I already have the GG season 4 in the app and the iOS app still is in GG season 3. So wenn my app used the season 4 schemes, the iOS app replaced them with season 3 schemes with resulted in the problems. 

Anyone knows when season 4 launches for iOS?

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